No Holds Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Kerfwappie's are in as are nailbenders'. Nice ties.

  2. Ira: I am gonna shoot to get them to you today. Only 6 more to go I think. I will plan to drop them off at your front door.
  3. Ok, let's take a quick roll call.

    Looks Like I have:

    Rick Todd
    Wayne Jordan

    One week to go!

  4. I am tying mime tommorow and will have them to you soon
  5. Over half completed and will finish by end of weekend.
    Tying a blood midge pattern that's been fishing well lately.
  6. Mine are all tied up, just need to tag 'em and mail 'em.
  7. I should be sending both swaps' flies out tomorrow or Tuesday.
  8. In the envelope with postage and ready to place in the post box Monday.
  9. Just remember it probably won't go out until Tuesday. No post Monday due to President's Day. Still plenty of time, but depending on where you're putting it in the box, you might not want to let it sit for a couple days. (we've had lots of thefts out of mailboxes in my neighborhood.)
  10. wow, thanks in case I did not know that the gov had the day off. to bad for your hood. may be some one should just put a few envelopes of sh??? in the box to great the culprits.
  11. ok gents. Got them all tied up. I am kinda proud of this one. Simple pattern. I will get them in the maill tommorow.
  12. Bugs are tied... tagging them tomorrow so they will be in the mail by Wed. at the latest....
  13. I am finished with tying for both swaps.. Plus some extras for our Swapmeister. Out tomorrow morning!
  14. Flies for both are in the mail.
  15. Dropped off at the P.O. on Monday, should be there today...extra bug for our meister.
    Package for my red peacock hearl exploded on me; do whatever with the little clump included...I was going to toss it.
  16. Flies are mailed and should be there wthin a day or two...
  17. Both swaps on the way!
  18. Funny, I just bought some red herl myself and thought I recognized the tone. I used it on my bug as well.

  19. All flies except Camo's are in. Hope they didn't get lost in the mail. If they come in the mail Saturday, I'll have them back out that day.

  20. Ira: Can I get some feedback on my flies? I know you are busy but I would appreciate it. Thank you!

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