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  1. rotato

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    What about those sticky buns from pearls
    Big as your head
    My dad and I would split one when I wS a little tyke
  2. rotato

    rotato Active Member

    On a side note
    Lots of duck hunters out in boats
    We went out in Carr inlet and found a new to us searun beach
    Came back to the launch and the wdfw guy was checking for ducks
    Any body throw a shotgun in the skiff?

    The guy I talked to was jigging for flounder and would pop buffleheads when they came around

    Sounds kinda fun
  3. Robbi K

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    The best thing at Pearl's was her wild blackberry pie. But that was a very long time ago. : )

  4. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    I saw the raft last weekend and now I know where it is. I fished near the raft and did not catch any cutthroat or any other fish.

    I saw the raft for the Jan 1rst while scouting cutthroat beaches near Gig Harbor.

    There were quite a few polar bear activities with people swimming in the salt water, even saw a few jump off the bridge.

    As for the raft - a guy who appeared to be in his late teens or early 20's with black jeans and tshirt jumped onto that raft while it was moored in water less than 2 feet deep near the boat launch. The gentleman appeared intoxicated and had a lit cigarette dangling out of his mouth. As I sat in my warm car watching, the drunk climbed a makeshift ladder to the top of the shaky structure. The structure appeared unstable. I feared the gentleman would fall off and break his neck. Much to my relief, he made it down without maiming himself. A few other people on the shore happily cheered him on.
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