No More Wild Steelhead Sold at Pike Place market

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ringlee, May 14, 2010.

  1. casaboba Member

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    FYI... Note the reply below from the Pike Place Fish Market (Anders) following my e-mail to them earlier this morning.

    "Thanks for your support and causing a breakthrough for us. Tell your friends. Anders @ Pike Place Fish Co."
  2. Citori Piscatorial Engineer

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    This is a success story, and we should learn from it. Let's help their memory when winter steelhead become available next season. Let's help make sure WE don't forget. I encouraged them to post and advertise their decision, which I hope they do. If/when any of us buy from them, or visit the market, let's be sure and point out that we are aware and support their decision.

    I hope we have all learned that making our voices heard can make a difference, and that we should speak up. Thanks and respect you all who weighed in with emails to PPFM. Good on ya, gents.
  3. gt Active Member

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    cabezon, lets not steal this thread, ok?? the tribes view their harvesting as an ENTITLEMENT and just as some well meaning folks thought they could talk welfare moms out of their ENTITLEMENTS, your approach won't have any impact.

    congratulations to all of us, populists who picked up the cudgels, and went to work providing information to pike street. drying up the market for the sale of these fish is going to send a clear message to the distrubution network and down to those who harvest, you can't sell'um for a profit any longer. the power of the marketplace is the right avenue for this continuing battle.

    eyes open, it ain't over................
  4. shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

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    Great news :thumb:
  5. FLGator Member

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    Sent Pike Place a 'thank you' for stepping up and doing the right thing. Awesome!
  6. Trevor Thorp Happy to be home in the NW

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    I agree with cabezon, this is just a matter of convenience. Didn't anyone notice what their plans are.

    "It's now our intention to find a more sustainably managed variety of ocean going trout in the future (perhaps an aquaculture version)."
  7. Saltman "Just Fish!"

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    Congratulations and thank you!!! Education is the key. The more the general public understands the difference between "wild" and "hatchery" Steelhead the better. PPM is a very good advocate for spreading the word.
    In response to Cabazon, it is all a matter of "supply and demand". The more folks refuse to buy 'wild" Steelehad, the less profitable the harvest of these fish will be for the commercial interests. A similar situation occured a few years ago with the harvest of Marlin. You see much less of it on the store shelves today.
  8. gt Active Member

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    was there not a post a few days ago about pond raised steelhead somewhere on the east side?? maybe that news needs to be forwarded to pike street. just a thought.
  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    The tribe that raises the mutant triploids in Rufus Woods sells them to restaurants and stores as "steelhead." There are a few other places doing the same thing, like the place in Idaho that is selling these:
  10. Citori Piscatorial Engineer

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    Just got a reply to my "thank you" email to PPFM. Looks to me like they might be getting it. At any rate, they are inviting us to help them, let's take them up on the invitation...

    "Thanks for the acknowledgement... We actually had a conversation about sustainability as a whole, not just steelhead, and plan to be making more environmentally responsible choices in the near future. Any info or resources that may help us achieve our goal, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support. Anders @ Pike Place Fish"
  11. constructeur Active Member

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    That tribe is currently working on updating their operation with a $50m + facility in the Bridgeport area. Seems a better source than the Hoh or Quinault, but I've no science to back that opinion up.
  12. Jmills81 The Dude Abides

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    Seriously...can you imagine how bad it would be on them if they went back on their word. Lord help them if they do

    For phuck sakes....dwell on the good of this one.

    Next question, which vendor can we now convince otherwise now that PFM is on board?
  13. FLGator Member

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    I'm 100% with Josh on this one...give Pike Place Market some credit for stepping up and doing what's right. Granted, it's a small step in the recovery effort, but an important one.

    Hats off to PPM for supporting sustainable fisheries and doing the right thing.
  14. Stewart Skunk Happens

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    Hot damn!
  15. BDD Active Member

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    But there are no plans at this time for O. mykiss production at this facility in any form; strictly salmon. But that could change.
  16. ralfish Active Member

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    Do a follow up with Whole Foods. As of last year in response to Emails i sent them with regards to selling the same product, they said they were going to review their policy of selling Tribal steelhead. I did notice that Whole Foods in the area where I live wasnt selling any steelhead this year...
  17. nutsack angler newb

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    Gold star ralfish. Why market steelhead when salmon is better?
  18. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    You can get Copper River Spawners for 57 bucks a pound, great bargain
  19. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    wow, this is great news! awesome work gentlemen! i'll get that thank you email sent out ASAP
  20. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    When the next season rolls around, let's all be on watch at our local markets and send them the same message. The success rate in getting places to stop selling wild steelhead has proven high so far. The places I've seen them in the past, but didn't get around to checking this year included Central Market and Whole Foods. Hopefully they've changed their policies by now, but I guess we won't know til next season.