No one will believe this...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by dmoocher, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. dmoocher

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    Yes...I was fishing at Hoodsport Thursday night, surrounded by fish and I was alone. Pinks shold have been done two weeks ago but they are still there.

    One foul hooked early but when the crowd left (four gear chuckers and a few dozen spectators), I had 3 separate schools all to myself...when things quieted down, the fish began to hit...bonked two, lost two.
  2. salt dog

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    Unbelievable? no, but then again, you had no witnesses. LOL. I'm ready for some unbelievable moments like that any time. Sounds like a magic moment. Thanks for sharing the experience DM.
  3. Bill Douglas

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    I headed out there Sunday evening. Saw one school of maybe a half dozen fish move in, and that was it. There were only a few of us out there, and no one was having any success. :( A couple of jackass local teens showed up later and decided skipping rocks and throwing boulders was more fun than fishing. I had to exercise considerable restraint not to say anything. A rumble with a couple of Matlock looking dudes would not be a good way to end an otherwise good weekend.

    I did get a lot of casting practice and improved my double haul quite a bit, though.