No steelhead in London England :(

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Skyboss, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Greetings:

    I'd like to hire a steelhead guide in the Seattle or Olympic Peninsula area in March. I'll be in the USA for about 10 days.

    Any suggestions for rivers or guides would be much appreciated.

    Catch & Release only please . . . . spey fishing would be nice.


    UPDATE 12:53 PM, London, 01 January 2006 >>> Thanks for the many suggestions. It's amazing, my post is only a few hours old. Big K1 (Kevin) recommends Mike Kinney. I took a look at his web site and article by Dana Stern. Mike 'looks' fishy and like a steelheader. Chalkstream trout just aint the same as a steelhead.

    - Ken

    UPDATE: 12:30 PM, London, 04 January 2006. Thanks to everyone for freely sharing information and opinion. I'll contact one or more of these steelhead guides and arrange a steelhead trip. It's a long way to travel for a fish, but worth it.

    God Bless America.

    - Ken
  2. :thumb: Bob Triggs is The Man!
    if he is not available, try Jack Cook he has written some good stuff on Spey and Steelhead
    you should click on the sponsors link and also the resource section on our homepage. Also, you might contact Aaron at The Spey Shop He is our local Spey Master! Every Saturday AM they do a FREE demo on the Snoqualmie River in Carnation which is
    only 30 minutes from Seattle (only on Saturday mornings) You might also contact All About The Fly if you want to hit the Skykomish River.

  3. I would have to recomend booking guided trips with both Bob Triggs and Steve Buckner, you will have a great time with both of them. Don't mind the smell, every time one of their clients catches a steelhead, Bob and Steve may not shower the following day. We sure hope there is a break in the action before you arrive, because gas masks are not complementry.

  4. Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary f*cking Poppins... LONDON

    Make sure you check the Washington Regs before your trip. River closures are different for each system including sections of each river.
  5. haha..... now he needs the 2006 sport reg book
  6. Check out he is the best. March is Skagit/Sauk time!
  7. iagree I'll be there 4 sure.

    I wonder how many mistakes they'll make in it this year. :rofl:
  8. Mike Kinney (
    John Farrar (

  9. Top dogs (guide term) for the PNW are Mike Kinney, Dec Hogan, John Farrar and Scott O'Donnel however they don't come cheap, nor should they. Scott works out of Oregon so he's probably not on your short list. I don't know Jack Cook personally but have heard great things and he may well belong in this group. Truth is that the PNW is a vangard area for 2 handed rods so there are many great casters but these guys led the charge and invented some of the casts in our collective quiver. John, Dec and I think Mike, focus on the Skagit through March. Supposed to be good for wild steelhead this year at that time (yeah, I've heard it before too but never give up hope). If the OP is your destination, contact Bob Triggs here. Another OP guide I've fished with is Bob Piggot and I can recommend him too. Troy Detmann may also be a consideration.
    Should you need contact info, don't hesitate to PM.
    G'luck 2u.
  10. Hey Ken,

    I can empathize with you; I'm in the heart of Rome at the moment with visions of steelhead. All I see is the Tiber River rushing through the city. The deep mud brown color of its current state, flowing at about maybe 50K cfs, brings a new meaning to the words "blown out".

    All the guides listed will do you well. I would recommend the coast because it gives you a variety of options...especially important when considering you are at the mercy of the weather gods for your short stay. Say, you don't have access to any good beats in the UK, do you? I'll be crossing the English Channel in early March.

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