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  1. A few weeks back my Africa hunting buddy and I stood duty at the SCI show at the SeaTac Hilton. I'm not too much into celebrities but we had the opportunity to meet and chat with this lady and I want to tell you, she is as nice to talk with as she is to look at. What a honey of a lady. If you don't recognize her, she is Louise Shockey, wife of TV hunting show host and outfitter Jim Shockey. He was there, too, but who wants to look at his face? I just thought I'd post this to relieve the strain of those who aren't fishing or hunting.

  2. aahhhh!!!!! Very pretty indeed and has probably has many adventures around the world. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Gotta admit, Louise is a WHOLE lot better looking than Jimbo!
  4. That certainly is true. When folks look at photos of my dog & I, they ALWAYS say . . . "Good-looking dog." Your post has served to enlighten me, Alex.
  5. For ten bucks I'll let you take a picture with my lady!!!
  6. Thanks Ben, but I'll stick with free photos with my pup . . .
  7. no problem Jim, thats sure a fine looking gun dog you have there .
  8. Ha I thought she looked like a republican presidential nominee!!
  9. Huh? What?

    Whoaaaa i forgot

  10. Is that Lionel Richie?? Maybe its Richard Pryor ....

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