No Trespassing Signs Still Up at Chico

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. So I went down there yesterday after reading the posts and saw the signs were still there. For those of you that have been down there, is this really a big surprise. One guy said that all the land is private, another said that only part of the trail is. Does anyone know for sure. Also does anyone know for sure if the signs are coming down or if the Poggie club will post information about the necessity to clean up after yourself. I know what the other post said, however I just want specific information.
  2. Perhaps someone from the Poggie Club can give us the word. I was planning on going to Chico Creek tomorrow but would first like some specifics on access legality.
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    Les Johnson
  3. I think that this was answered on the other post about fishing for Chum.

  4. I was just looking at the current WDFW outdoor report and Chico Creek was listed as one of the Chum hotspots. Nothing was mentioned about restricted access. Maybe some local trying to discourage fishermen??
  5. Chico*is* a chum hotspot. However the the land access is privately owned, and it has only been through the good graces of the landowners that fisherfolk have had access at all. Inconsiderate types that left behind trash, parked in driveways/obstructed the locals' traffic led to the posting. Access by water to the creek is available by public launch in Silverdale, Tracyton, and Bremerton, for powerboats. It's a long way. Kayaks, 'toons, rowboats can be hand launched from a spot off Chico Way across from the Chico Towing impound lot. This will put you in about 800 or so yards north from the creek mouth. Information can also be had by contacting the Kitsap Fly Anglers. Website link can be found in this forum's directory.
  6. I don't know if this applies to Chico, as it appears in context as part of a discussion about Hoodsport, but the following was in this morning's paper:

    Fishing report: Hood Canal where chum are plum
    By Mark Yuasa
    Seattle Times staff reporter
    Anglers should be forewarned that enforcement is handing out citations to those who violate trespassing boundaries. On Saturday, a group of about 25 anglers in a no-trespassing zone were cited.
  7. Having grown up in the neighborhood between the Chico boat launch and the mouth of chico creek and being young and dumb enough to canoe around the area when the north wind is howling down from Silverdale, please make sure that you keep an eye on the weather if you plan to use a tube, 'toon, or rowboat to access the mouth from the launch.

  8. Next time you see those no trespassing signs, just remember how many tax dollars go to keep that beach and all the water around it clean. We have a right to some public access to those areas that we all pay to keep pristine.

    All of the states around us let people have access to saltwater beachs just like we have with our rivers. We should have the same rights to access the beach.


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