Nobody hunting yet?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Gun dogs are amazing. Thanks for sharing the adventure and progress of Cassie Curt.

  2. Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

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    Took my geezer friend out for the geezer pheasant hunt. It was fairly slow, but the dog appreciated the work. Today he was hunting slow and methodical checking back to see where I was and wondering why my friend was shooting all the birds

    Final count for three days was five pheasants and two rattlesnakes. The damn snakes were are crawling around in the middle of the sage. I hate these 75 degree, sunny warm days in the fall. They were fat. Must be a good year for snakes. I have not seen any around the house this summer, so the basin must have had a better "hatch".
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    The only good snake is a dead one!
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    Them snakes make fer good eats?
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    No snakes, more "old" hunters than I anticipated, but Hank had a good time, ran-off some energy, & pointed the only rooster we saw. Kudos for him . . . 2 guys with no dog told me they had hunted thru there & that I was wasting my time. It pays to have a good furry partner. Amazingly, I'm 1 for 1 (stats are sure to change later in October, lol.).
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    Neighbor got a nice 7 by 7 bull, was going to take photos yesterday but the honey do kicked in , will talk to him tommorrow
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    8yd shot with my Toelke Whip longbow during early elk archery...she was just shy of 300lbs (pic doesn't do her justice)

    Saw a boar that was bigger, called in a 5x5, then found her. Nice clean shot. Ran 30yds and done. Plus, got to fish for two hours before evening hunt, and caught about 20 cutts on dries...sweet.

    Best parts: Pure fair chase and my wife was right beside me

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    I've been giving the coyotes in Yakima hell! Shot some doves,know it's time to go after pheasants with my gsp.
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    OK, I've had some vacation to burn this year and have put 29 days in the field so far during archery, muzzleloader, and modern seasons (thank you WDFW for the multi season deer tag this year). So far I've been skunked during archery elk but got into some big bulls but passed on shots due to the conditions not being right. I attempted to target a specific mule deer during the three seasons and I ended up screwing up my one and only stalk on it (well next year will be the third year trying for this guy and hopefully third times a charm). However, I went out the last week of blacktail season and finally tagged my first ever blacktail. I also tagged a mule deer doe thanks to my 2nd deer tag I drew. This year I also hunted antelope in Wyoming for the first time and brought back two nice bucks. I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I've had this year. All this and I caught my first bull trout in BC this past August as well!

    I've still got the late season for elk archery. ;)
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    I've thought about getting out for some bird hunting... does that count? (work sucks!).