Non hunters owning bird dogs

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  1. so was visiting the Mushroom show in the university district in Seattle this past Saturday. I brought a few mushrooms I wanted ID'd. SO first saw some men wearing clogs Leather chaps - ok can deal with that. over dosed on Priuses and cause du jour bumper stickers

    ran into a couple with a vizsla. I own and Hunt the same breed. Forgetting that I was in the land of passive/aggressives (Seattle) I asked the middle aged couple if they hunted their dog and shot over it. The woman acted like I asked her if she enjoyed decapitating babies. She silently mouthed the word "guns" and "hunting"and almost fainted. The man, I have a hard time using the word "man" in my description , advised that they do not hunt and would certainly never ever own a gun and proceeded to give an anti gun lecture as I petted their poor dog. I took Surreptitiously took out some quail feathers I had in my pocket from a morning hunt and let her sniff them. I saw a switch flip in the dog and she became very animated. I walked away before he finished his lecture.

    What is it with the PNW and the need for some here to lecture others on their political beliefs , lifestyles, politics?

    Why do people own working breed dogs and expect a lap dog?

    Ahhhhhhh Seattle a favorite place to visit and socialize with the locals

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  2. I don't know man, maybe those people were from another planet and the dog was from earth.
    Sad to see hunting/working dogs not getting to do their job.
  3. Most people with working, herding and sporting breeds don't use their dog for what it was intended. There are a lot frustrated bird dogs out there.
  4. I guess you answered your own question in the third paragraph, right?
  5. I love to watch the reactions here when I mention the "h" word or the "g" word, stops folks dead in their tracks. From that point forward they do not talk with me nor do they turn their backs to me. The neighbors, most of them, adjusted to the fact that I'm a pretty decent lad and not likely to shoot anyone. Funny, though, if the "stuff" ever hits the fan, guess who they'll want to run forward and take charge.

    I've also encountered a lot of folks with Labs and asked them if they hunt with their dogs. From their reactions you would have thought I asked if they pulled their dogs toenails out at the roots.
  6. Two of my neighbors each have labs, and not only don't hunt, but are pretty, well... lazy. I feel bad for the labs they have because you can tell they're just depressingly under-stimulated. I feel especially bad for the youngest one; the lab puppy that just showed up next door. The owners there are two extremely obese, extremely lazy, anti-activity types. I have yet to see them take the lab on a walk even.
  7. If working breeds should do the work they were meant to, does that mean that pit bull owners should have their dogs fight? Just looking at the question more expansively. I think most AKC dog breeds don't do what they were originally bred to do. I doubt that most herding dogs herd, just as many, if not most, hunting dogs don't hunt. Whether they herd or hunt or not, working dogs do need their exercise.

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  8. Pit Bulls were actually "nanny" dogs for children before they were put in the fighting ring. Here's a recent pic of my new niece with her nanny doing his job happily.
  9. I agree that many dogs that were bread for a specific line of "work" aren't utilized to their full potential these days, but societies and cultures change. Luckily the dogs still remain. I do hate to see dogs that obviously were breed to run, hunt and be active just made to sit idle because of an inactive owner. My wife has an English Bulldog and I've been hard pressed to find a good bull baiting event here on Whidbey. She's pretty content just laying around most of the day but get's a good workout pulling me around at the end of a knotted towel.
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  10. My Akbash (Thor) thinks we are his herd. And he does a good job defending his turf. It has its benefits and shortcomings. He is basically a rescue, so our arrangement is an alternative to destruction. BUT, if the kids have their way, we'll add a couple of Pygmy goats and he can go watch them.

    I think he is a cool dog, but nobody should ever own one unless there is no choice. Even as a working dog they don't last long, and retirement can be...tricky.
  11. I help out at the Ellensburg and Yak animal shelter. Really sad to see the number of sporting and working breeds dumped off at shelters. Wonderful, energetic intelligent dogs dropped off to be euthanized because owners wanted a pretty dog and did not understand the day to day comittment of owning a working breed. Adopted a really nice german Shepard form the Yak shelter. Great dog now for 9 nine years.
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  12. Thanks for your passive/agressive input "Guide of the Year"
  13. "What is it with the PNW and the need for some here to lecture others on their political beliefs , lifestyles, politics?"

    Your words, not mine. You belittled the man and questioned his masculinity while espousing uncomfortability when others do the same. Just trying to figure your real stance, thanks for a civil discussion.
  14. Also too, could you include in your response, a general description of your occupation so that I, in turn, can use a unrelated point of reference in which to police your thought? You can only think for yourself and have a opinion if your means of supporting your family is approved.

  15. After having springer spaniels for hunting,I have now two pomerainans . What kind of work should I put these beasts to work doing ?
  16. Ah, one of the "rat in a dog suit" breeds. They are touted as a "companion" breed. Basically they are best at ankle biting. :D
  17. I thought they where used to fight off the bulls in a bull fight?
  18. Lazy dog owners make me sick. I hate seeing neglected obese dogs. My sister-in-law has a vizsla and doesn't hunt, but to her credit she runs the crap out of the dog.
  19. I got the one raised eyebrow of piqued interest and disapproval from a local pet store owner when I told them that I was training the pup for birds. I found that interesting, though not that their 'city folk' POV matters a bit to me.
  20. We should ask her opinion

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