Non hunters owning bird dogs

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  1. I work my two field trialers daily, usually around 9am, on mark/retrieve/hunt dead and so forth. It's what they both live for, and they get plenty of exercise doing it. On rereading Tom's post though, I'd have shut the little ferret up with a really snide "well, you certainly are as stupid as you look" remark, and just walked off. They way I see it, people like those are my enemies. Their lives are usually devoted to eliminating my opportunities to hunt and enjoy that major part of my life. Anytime I can return the favor, I will. They're already certain in their heart of hearts, that I'm a total Neandertal, and they're NEVER willing to hear a different argument. Every chance they get, the let you know how much more educated they are than you, how much more "evolved", and how much better they are. To them, you're just a poor lump of shit. To me, they're worth about as much as a skeet-after it's left the high house.
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  2. Well said. By the standards some here have expressed no labrador retriever should work as a seeing eye dog, a drug-sniffing dog, a therapy dog -- or as my last two labs have done, work as hiking and fishing companions. That's not what they were bred for, so that's not what they want to do.

    Damn, my yellow lab Parka never hunted a day of her life. She hiked more than 8,000 wilderness trail miles with me after having all four legs surgically repaired (genetic problems) before she was two, but by the standards of some of the posters here, I should have agreed with my original "hunting vet" and just put her down rather than go forward with the surgeries. Apparently her full active outdoor life was mis-spent because she never retrieved a bird. Forget that she helped me write a book about hiking with dogs. Forget she was a model in LL Bean, Early Winters and Cabelas catalogs. Forget that she got more wilderness experience than 95 percent of all "hunting" dogs. She didn't hunt, and she lived on the west side so she was miserable! Likewise, Sophie doesn't hunt. She is a yellow lab. She hikes and fishes with me, spending upwards of 120 days a year in the field. But she too lives in Western Washington, and she does NOT hunt, so she is miserable, right? WTF?

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