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  1. Joepa

    Joepa Joe from PA

    I need some help. I've been invited on a bird hunt and obviously want to be safe (and not embarrass myself). There was a time when I was briefly exposed to shooting as a kid back in PA, but it has probably been 30 years since I've fired a gun of any type. Does anyone have recommendations on a shooting range in Snohomish County or on the eastside? Also, is there a website I can use as a resource for info on the rules and locations for target shooting on public lands? Thanks
  2. ribka

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    Take a hunter's safety course first for the basics of safe firearms handling. THen would seek instruction on wing shooting and target shooting. Personally cannot overemphasize receiving a good foundation in firearms safety before handling a firearm and hunting.

    google sporting goods in your area and they should info on hunter's safety classes.

    I've been a firearms Instructor for a long time and if you want to come over to the e side and shoot after a hunter's safety course will help you with the basics.
  3. zen leecher aka bill w

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    Kenmore gun range. Has a trap range and you could get some basic tips there.
  4. Upton O

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    Follow these suggestion exactly, this guy is an expert and he won't steer you wrong.

    When you find the range you are looking for (rifle, pistol, and/or shotgun) become a member and attend meetings. Let folks know you're interested and you will have lots of support. The only requirement on any range I've ever been on was safety, safety, safety. Go slow, be teachable, and have fun.
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    +1 I have a good friend who wants me to take him hunting. I told him I would gladly take him to the range after he takes a hunters safety course. After that we can go hunting.
  6. Joepa

    Joepa Joe from PA

    Thanks guys. I'm going to check out the Granite Falls Sportsmen's Club. Looks like they offer lots of hunter education classes. I'll do that first and go from there.
  7. fifafu

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    Take your class but you might also practice with an unloaded gun before hunting season as well. Get to know your gun. How you click the safety off and how you shoulder it quickly in control. Your gun should only ever points at three things. The sky, the ground and the target.
  8. Joepa

    Joepa Joe from PA

    Yes, I'm doing that too and I'll admit it's a bit awkward. I've been practicing with an unloaded shotgun and I occasionally strike my shoulder with the stock. The forearm feels a bit too far forward and I'm still getting used to the weight of the gun and it's only got a 20inch barrel. This is definitely going to take some practice, that's for sure.
  9. TB

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    Pick some brains at the gun club too. Good shotgunners use a gun that fits them. You'll find it much easier and more natural to shoulder the gun and get on target if it's a good fit.