Noob question (sink tip recs)

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by underachiever, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Good answer! Just remember: Slow down, keep your grip on the cork light, and cast right over the connection between line and leader. Last thing I need to mention is the beginning of the cast: The Lift. Can't believe I'd forgotten to comment on that.

    All spey casts can be broken down into three seperate parts. 1) The lift ... which is just to get as much line out of the water as you can; 2) the Anchor placement and the formation of what ever cast you're going to do through the D loop; 3) and finally the forward stroke/high 'stop' with the rod tip.

    On number '3' what's damned important is as you move the rod forward keep the rod canted out (off verticle) 5 to 10 degrees until the butt is past your nose. Two reasons for this: first is safty .... you come through pointed straight up you just aimed that fly right at the back of your head! Secondly this will keep the fly from catching the line as it goes out.