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  1. Thanks for correcting me on this Rich. I haven't looked at a Norvise is 3 years and at that time there wasn't a friction screw. I even spoke to Norm about why he didn't have on on the vise some 10 years ago at a fly fishing show and he answered it was because no one was asking for it. I'm glad to hear that he has added it because as I said earlier, it is one of the best vices on the market. I'm still not going to retire my Barracuda to get one though.
  2. Huge fan of the NorVise, couldn't be happier with it. Best to view the NorVise as a fly tying system, with the opposing post and automatic bobbins completing the package. The "self winding" bobbins provide excellent precision, and some very cool "tricks" such as wrapping a hook of any shank length from front to back with just a single spin of the vises, with the bobbin just hanging hanging in midair. Dubbing is effortless. And when you're reloading the fly box after a snaggy day on the river, nothing ties flies faster. Bought mine at the "show special" that Norm was pitching at a fly tying show.
  3. Vices are like vises: one isn't enough to get by on.

    I have a Nor, a Regal and a Renzetti Travellor. I have a long bench with a rolling office chair and
    I use all three (although I use the Renzetti primarily for photographing flies, I tie on the Regal and Nor).

    As far as vises: ..........well, I better not say.
  4. I agree with all the comments so far. I am a Norvise user and use it for 99% of my fly tying. It's my favorite vise for tying. However, it did not start off that way. When I first bought it I was use to tying on Renzetti Traveler and the Norvise took some getting use to like 6 months. Once I stopped trying to use the Norvise like the Traveler and began using the Norvise like it was intended, it all came together. It will definitely improve the body construction of your flies and it will eventually speed your tying once you master the vise.

    Dr Bob :ray1:
  5. I like it so much I have two. One old large one with the screw up tension that is my travel vise. It came in a finger joined white oak box that I found in Goodwill for $29.95 and another that I bought at full price that is mounted to a black galaxy desk top ( a black granite with mica gold flecks ) Don't wait to find a Goodwill one, get it and enjoy it now. Learn to use the Norbobbin it is the only real learning curve. But so worth leaning. And NO my second one isn't for sale.

  6. Jim - SCORE! The ultimate find for any Goodwill hunter reading this thread!

    One thing about quality vise - they retain their value. If you don't like it, list it and refill the paypal account.

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