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  1. I couldn't have summed it up any more succintly. Good Job Coach!

    I have posted many times before on the attributes of this system and, for me, it feels awkward tying with any other vise. My only addition to the aforementioned comments would be that if anyone is going to eek out all of the potential of the vise, they really should learn to manage the bobbin as it truly does add to the experience and completes the "system".
  2. I think the Nor-Vise is to Fly tying what spey rods are to steelhead fishing.

    Some will not change because there are a few more techniques involved etc. You can do more with less effort. Sure it is a learning curve, but once there, it is awesome!
  3. Its only a learning curve if you have tied with the conventional systems before. If you have never tied, and start learning on this vise, where is the curve?
  4. I went exclusively to the Nor-vise system in my shop. I now have 8 vises for classes. All of them have been outfitted with the midge jaws with the new style bent arm. I have to agree with sweetlou ; that it is easier to teach someone that has never tyed on a conventional vise or at the very minimum has an open mind to learning new techniques. But, baffles me though is when I see someone that owns any rotary vise and won't use it to it's potential by tying rotary. The new vises have gotten a lot of revamping in the last year that most don't even know about. All for the good and makes them even better.
  5. Looks great but I already spent big bucks on the one that doesn't.
  6. watching norm tie wooly buggers or twirl on some tinsel at a fly fishing/tying show is quite a novelty, but after a few minutes the novelty wears off and then i say to myself that my traveler can do the same thing. imho.
  7. I have a travellor a regal and a nor.
    I like'em all. Use'em all. Big flies on the regal.
    Itty bitties on the travellor and certain ones.....which I know from
    experience, on the nor. If a little is good, a lot is better, no?

    Works for all kinds of things.
  8. I keep being called by the nor from my peak.
  9. I bought one yesterday at the show. Norm seems to be a really nice guy. So far I have tied about 20 clousers and they are looking pretty good! I am not sure about the bobbin yet...
  10. Just remember to palm it and get it in the right direction. Only works one way, if you forget to palm it you'll say the seven words as George Carlin would say.
  11. At the recent Bellevue Show, I was watching Norm's demo (as I have every fly show) and my brother was watching with me. I mentioned to him that I was going to get one eventually, so brother got on the cell to my Dad and Dad bought it for me for my birthday (I just turned 60!). Tied of few chironomids with Liquid Lace (I also enjoyed Randy's demo at the show) on the vise and so far, I LIKE IT! I will be using my Traveler for a traveling vise (appropriate) and I think I need the midge head for some of the small flies. Rick

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