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  1. Norm has a quality product and a great business, and he's a great guy too. He's at shows a lot, try and find one in your area.

    I made the transition to his vise quite quickly and painlessly, the bobbin I'm still getting used to, but it's a failure of my d*&%!kfingered nature, not the product.

    All his products work for me as he indicates they will. The light and magnifier he sells in particular was a great addition for my tying area.

    Also, his videos are free, and he tells you how to build your own tying desk...he's a tinkerer, too, after all.

    I love it...and I think you will, too.
  2. Just bought his light and magnifier. I hope it really is nice. I don't know how it compares to more expensive stuff, but this seems like it will do the trick.
  3. I found that when I had a huge tying bench...or a huge garage work bench....I always had a huge mess. Made the benches smaller in both (and increased storage organization and space)... and it's easy to keep the bench uncluttered. Only took me about 40 years to figure that out!
  4. I notice you are in Spokane. We bought property years ago near Ione (Newport) because my Bro in law lives in Spokane. What areas do you fish?
  5. Lots of small mountain lakes in that area....streams ain't worth shit there nowadays.
  6. Not mine Cameron's setup, dig into the archives for more equipment photos
  7. I am finding that out. The lakes are nice as I get more into lake fishing. Also a good jump off point to better water.
  8. And the lakes only get a bit of pressure from the local worm scroggins when the season they're impossible to fish effectively from shore...need some sort of watercraft. Autumn is perfect...good fishing...and you often have the whole lake to yourself...when the scroggins turn their attention to road hunting.

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