North Fork CDA Streamflow

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  1. I know with these warm temperatures we have been experiencing that run off is really closing in. I am new to the area and was wondering at what cfs does the NF CDA become unsafe to wade. As of right now the Prichard ID gauge says 2380 cfs, I was thinking about trying to head out that way but am unsure at what cfs levels become unsafe and would be better if I just stayed at home. Also if anyone knows the same type of levels for the St Joe as well. Thank you for the help.
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    watch the NWS forecast for the both rivers. Then watch the statistical averages for the date. Should give you a better picture

    The Joe seems to fish best under 4k. Just be careful and stay out of the heavy stuff!!
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    I've seen that river get scary, bad ass.
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    There are still a ton of places that you can fish from shore with soft pockets. I have been out there a couple weeks a go once it was right around 2000cfs and the other time it was up over 2600cfs but I wasn't really trying to wade. I am going out this after noon around 2:30 and if you want to know how it went p.m. me or check out the group fly fishing eastern washington and norther idaho. I will put a report in there about how it went what I used and landed.
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    Eric Denny It's summer time I'm fishing!!

    was a good day!!!