North Fork Stilly Condition

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I didn’t mean to suggest that things are as they were in 1918. But with the exception of high water years, they have traditionally been found holding at and below the mouth, waiting to get into Deer Creek. I agree with you about the issue with poachers. When I hiked up Deer Creek last Saturday (just to explore and look around), I found an empty roll of Izor line on the shore below the entrance to the canyon.
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    The illegal fishing in that neck of the woods is pretty disgusting. The activity I have seen is not from people who don't know any better. I have felt for a long time that this is a major issue with both the wild steelhead and, sadly, the chinook recovery efforts.
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    The last couple of years I have also noticed and increase in chinook carcasses disposed of on the side of the river. They are a filleted out and discarded in the same spots year to year. I suspect it is just a few people poaching for their freezers. Not saying that to make it sound ok. These people are killing a lot of fish. I have come across piles of carcasses, but I have never caught them out there in the act.
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    I wonder if the chinook filets are from the tribes brood stock program. Not that some kings don't get bonked by hungry tar heels.
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    Check the regs...that pool is scheduled to be closed from Aug 5 - Sept 30
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    Is it closed for swimming as well ?
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    Closed to laying on the river bar and Tanning?
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    I prefer Hawaii over the Stilly for tanning.
  10. Drugs and hookers are to expensive in hawaii. I will jist have to settle with the chevron girls or thee wookie off swede haven sheell
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    It was this I was referring too when speaking of the pool closure.

    Ironic that the fish are not allowed to be stressed by fisherman, but swimming several dozen folks per hour through the pool wearing tubes or water wings must not stress them in the least. :)

    Take heart's only a matter of time before snorkeling is the only way you will be allowed to see a wild steelhead. And then...we will lose that too.
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  13. very cool pics thank you for sharing
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    That's an ugly slide. That blue clay seam could bleed for years. Damn!
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    Evil blue clay, my nemesis.
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    Thanks for sharing the slide pics.
  17. No clarity issues today! Amazing day. Had fish issues though...everything but pinks seems to have disappeared.
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    mgarritson, thanks for the info.
    not been able to get up there. was wondering how bad the water is.
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    Monday the water was nice, even got a steelhead. Went back wednesday, water was at least a foot higher, and was murky as hell. Not even a bite in 6+ hours on Wednesday.

    Glad its dropped and cleared, maybe I can make it out there next weekend.
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