North Fork Stilly Condition

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  1. Water was clear by friday and thrusday was 3-4 vis, it whipped into shape fairlu quick for that 4000 bump. Dan hooked a few pinks and and i hooked some thursday with a bull. Fridauy no tugs
  2. You and Dan have caught more bulls this past month than everyone else on this forum combined. Its crazy
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  3. I know its BULL shit isnt it?
  4. lol as I said I wish it was a coho. never caught one on a fly rod.
  5. Anyone fished the N.Stilly lately ?
  6. Yes. It's low, clear and wet.

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  7. Lot of fish in the river ?
  8. Lots of dead pinks
  9. Depends of what kind of fish you are targeting. The dolly in my pic was taken on the upper river this last Sunday. I was looking for steelhead but only found a couple of char and lots of dead humpies. This week I've had excellent luck hitting chrome (as in scales falling off) coho in the tidewater. Except for today when a guy in his Woolridge thought it would be a good idea to run over the hole before fishing it. Couldn't buy a strike. Either could he and his buddy.
  10. Any silvers or Chum in the river?
  11. Arni,

    See my post above. A coho is a silver. I haven't caught or seen any chum. Remember it's illegal to target salmon in both the north and south fork stilly.
  12. They come with a nice fine ;)
  13. Thanks for the heads up guys :) Didn't see it in the pamphlet, so good to know.
  14. I'd take advantage of this low water and fish lower nf for cuties or the main stem for salmon cause once the rain returns you can kiss it goodbye. My 2 cents.
  15. I've been meaning to fish the NF more this time of year but have only been out twice so far this month with nothing but one dollie/bull to show for it. I've become picky about when I fish the main for silvers. When conditions are right I'll fish it every chance I get. I'll even lower myself to fishing weekend mornings when I know it'll pay off.
    My plan was to fish the NF this afternoon, but dicking around with the carb on my riding mower until dark was equally fun. :(
  16. Cup,

    I don't put a lot of effort into the coho fishery on the main stem. I'm fortunate to have private access to a nice hole that I can drive right to and it's only a few minutes from work. Others have to walk and wade quite a ways to get there unless they're in a boat. Between the coho being tight lipped in most conditions and all the knuckleheads the salmon fishery brings out I can find more enjoyable fishing elsewhere. That being said, fresh coho are tasty!
    Back to the original topic of this thread. I found myself not too far below the mouth of Boulder on Sunday and was happy to see that the water was gin clear.
    Oh yeah, I tore apart the carb on my 20 year old John Deere last spring about 6 times before giving up and having it cleaned with a ultrasonic cleaner. Too much fun!
  17. If you need a reason to go target coho. Here's one. This bad boy gave me quite a tussle this morning on my 8 wt. switch rod. Longest fight I've had with a fish in a while.

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  18. good looking fish
    nice work
  19. I have done ok on Searuns and Hatchery Steelhead the past few weeks. I've had to cover a lot of water to find them but noticed that once I located a holding spot in this lower water, it pays to visit it again. Most of the hatchery steelhead have been in the 5 - 8 lbs range with 8lbs being rare and 6 - 7 lbs being the norm. Yesterday was a beautiful day to be on the water & I lost the only fish I had on at the gravel bar. I was putting too much stress on my light leader and should have just let the fish tire out more. It was a lager hatchery fish that I was thinking would be great smoked. That was my undoing right there, planning the meal before it is in your grasp. :)

    For Searuns I've had to use a large variety of patterns this year. Rolled Muddler, Small Green Drake, Caddis, Skated Caddis, Flesh Fly, Spiders (Dark & Bright), Stonefly nymphs, Yellow or Orange Humpy, Tom Thumb, Prince Nymph, etc. Typically, I don't use much variety for Searuns on the NF, but for some reason this season I've had to really search for a pattern that they will take when I've found them.

    I've also landed more Bull trout this year than years past. In the past it was very rare for me to hook a Bull on the NF, but this year I seem to get into one about every 3 outings.

    I'm afraid that when the rain hits, it is going to really come on strong and blow the river out for weeks.

    Here is a smaller hatchery fish that I kept for the BBQ on Monday.


    I've been having the most success with sparse bright flies like the one in the picture below.
    NOTE: this is a hatchery fish that tasted great grilled with butter and salt/pepper, NOT a Wild Fish laying on dry rocks.

    Here is a dry picture of a similar fly.

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  20. TD,

    That's a nice looking low water fly. I'm assuming you're fishing it on a floating line?

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