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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Willie Bodger, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. TomB Active Member

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    ChrisW- on wednesday morning, fishing with a size 4 hook for cutthroat in an area I know to hold cutthroat, I hooked and landed a pink. If WDFW really does want to eliminate the gray area of the "target rule" they should close all fishing in such areas, otherwise all they can do is eliminate gear that is particularly harmful to fish (barbs, bait) and be more vigilant as enforcers in preventing mutiple "incidental encounters" in one personal rule is if I catch more than a few non-target closed species, I move.
  2. salt dog card shark

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    Poaching sea-cucumbers; Mingo you crack me up.
  3. ChrisW AKA Beadhead

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    I never said that smaller hooks & surface flies wont take salmon, just that if we are to be targetting trout, then WDFW should be specific about what that means. Also single barbless hooks, no bait and not removing from the water help insure a safe release. If the fishery is so fragile that it can't withstand hooking mortality using selective gear rules, then it should be closed to all fishing. But if they feel they can protect one species while allowing for some incidental C&R (and associated hooking mortality %) then they should keep it open and have enforceable rules. This is what WDFW does in many freshwater areas but they seem reluctant to apply it in saltwater situations. They have made a few changes in some fisheries but I would like to see them use the established term "Selective Gear Rules".
  4. salt dog card shark

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    Dear Mr. WT.

    It appears that we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. Thank you for your clarification and your partial response. You're apology is accepted. I still think that you should post as an individual, and indicate your representative capacity, or just list your affiliations like many others due.

    I am sending you a Personal Message regarding additional matters.

    Jim Hawes
  5. KerryS Ignored Member

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    What I got out of this entire exchange is to not read or respond to any posts by Mr. salt dog or by Mr. Washington Trout. Geez, you guys are something else.

    The fishing report basically sucked and the warning of illegal fishing was un-needed.
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I really don't want to get into this but I have to add just a little. It doesn't matter where you are fishing at,the waters are not open for everything. Say if you were fishing the N/F Stilly and you hooked a King. You could be called a poacher but you were fishing for Steelhead. The same could be said for most streams around here as a lot are not open for Salmon. They just happen to bite on the same flies that Cutts like. And the same for the salt. What do you all want,to close the streams all down. Peta would like that. And most who do fish in the salt know what they are fishing for. It's that fly thing,they all like them.

  7. TomB Active Member

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    ChrisW- agreed.
  8. one eyed poacher New Member

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    Wus up wit da Dawg? maybe dat boy play dat "Mr la, la, new to da board" bull cusin he ain't got da balls or literary skills to express his true opinions regarding what apears to be WTs' attempt to inform and engage the WFF forum.

    I"ll concede WTs' posts often tend toward the pedantic eco-activist dry drivel that makes my good eye roll, however... Regardless of where your politics stand these guys are engaged with the organizations and civil bodies that truly determine the fate and future of our sporting resources. As I see it fighting with the BIG dogs, engaging and advocating mostly sound measures to protect and preserve our sorry ass fishery is both commendable and worthy of our support. Worthy of our money? To be sure their exists an army of advocates needing our support.

    At least this one has both "Trout" and "Washington" in it's title.

    Maybe da dog got da salt getting all dry and crusty up his indignent "Mr. new to da board" blowhole cuss as eye seen it a truly "Mr. new to da board" mighta got da messed up empressin youse, dawg, was gonna use da "mojo" to catch dem silvers with your "pink fly" open.

    Yah Bra!
    It's all about da fishin mon.
  9. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    a good topic gone wrong.
  10. TomB Active Member

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    ChumStopper- You have quite the imagination. Your attempt to describe Washington Trout is thoroughly misguided and misleading to those reading it. Washington Trout works yearound to preserve and restore native fish and their habitats in Washington State. Their staff can hardly be characterized as a band of aspiring UW lawyers. It is rather a compilation of experienced and devoted scientists and career native fish advocates. Yearround they gather valuable data which assists the state in monitoring our native fish populations. In addition they restore acre upon acre of fish habitat. Whatever your agenda is, please refrain from slanderous attacks. I don't want to hear it, and if you ask around, I don't think many others will either.
  11. Sterling silver Member

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    I'll have to admit to skepticsm regarding Washington Trout. Some of their efforts to promote trout do not promote salt water salmonids. Their area of focus is too narrow to see the benefit to all salmonids.

  12. TomB Active Member

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    Their ongoing west whidbey nearshore study is focusing on every species encountered....from what I hear over 50 to's not just about trout but about native fish and their habitats. I am not sure which saltwater salmonids you are referring to but I would be suprised to hear of them not striving to protect a native species. Anyone who is skeptical should give them a call or email or stop by their office with questions. I did that a few years ago and that is how they gained my support.
  13. Skeena88 Member

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    Well said, Tom. iagree with both of your last posts. This group does good work protecting habitats, thereby benefiting all critters that live in and around our fresh and marine waters.
  14. ChrisW AKA Beadhead

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    Where did you come from chumstop? Your 1st post and youve already got an axe to grind? I hope that the moderators shut this thread down because now youre bragging about how youre going to release some silvers and take pics? Since this thread is about the North Sound I can only assume that you intend to use this area for your vengeful fishing adventure NEXT week, because most of this is open to salmon on August 1 (I am contradicting my earlier post about incidental catches but posting in advance pretty much states your intent and photos generally imply lifting fish from the water, which is specifically forbidden.)

    Your brand of 'why worry about needless regs when the indians are netting too much fish' is an old tired argument. If you have issue with tribal fishing violations post a message about that, or better yet, contact WFDW or the indian fisheries commission with your complaint. Maybe even Washington Trout. This argument holds no more water than saying 'why bust me for shoplifting when there are bank robberies and murders happening'!

    You further try to win your argument by mocking an organization which does a lot more to protect native fish of all species than you're complaining about the Makah Tribe ever does. Closing down a hatchery and encouraging natural spawning?? How crass! Since when did idealistic UW law students and wealthy sponsors all become evil? Come to think of it, since when are sponsors not wealthy? What makes someone elitist in your eyes? Because they went to school and learned how to think?

    If you are trying to paint some kind of picture about how the Bullitt family are somehow trying to ruin this state for the rest of us, you have not studied all the good that this family has done for people and wildlife all over the northwest. They need no defense from me, their record speaks volumes.

    Chumstop, you have convinced me, I am joining Washington Trout this week.

  15. Porter Active Member

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    Entertaining but close it before ?
  16. nsphilip New Member

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    Deep into that darkness peering
    Long I stood there wondering, fearing, fishing...
    Catching fish no regulator ever dared
    to reg before...
  17. Tightline Brian Perry

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    To add to the good words of Tom B, and just for the record, they have an entire daylong field day type program to educate young children ALL about the Salmon, and Salmon restoration.

    Washington Trout is a good program.

  18. Jeff_e_d Member

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    For those of you who have any interest in sport fishing for Chinook and enjoy keeping them as table fare, hatcheries are a way of life in the future and there is no getting around that. So, WT you are my enemy!!! I find it interesting that this group targets sport fisherman as the problem when the makahs are allowed to take whatever they want and when the go over their quota, by say 20K fish, nothing is done about it. You are accomplishing nothing more than pitting fisherman against fisherman.
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