North sound Beach report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Willie Bodger, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. OK, I got up a little late, but with the rain and clouds I still wanted to get on the water if only for an hour or so and away I went. Got to the beach, nobody else was there, the boats were off shore there was a nice ripple on the water, hte water was moving and a there was a little breeze. Aside from the fact that I was seeing absolutely no signs of aquatic life it looked like it could be a decent morning. But looks can be deceiving... I saw a grand total of one sea lion (or one mammoth seal, but it wasn't behaving like a seal and it looked like it had a destination in mind) a bunch of birds and one fish jump off to my left. Ok, didn't actually see the fish, just heard the splash and looked and saw the after effects. And nothin' on my line or anywhere close to it...

  2. This almost sounds like one of my usless fishing reports. You were there but you saw nothing and caught nothing. Thank's for keeping up my image.

  3. Sure thing, glad I could help!!


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