North Sound Rivers

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by rwbailey05, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Ill be over at my parents place in Snohomish for the weekend, i am looking to get out Saturday morning for a couple hours and swing a couple runs. Any reports from the Sky or Stilly?

    Should be able to get out for about 3 hours saturday Morning and possibly again sunday morning. If you got some words of wisdom or a recent report let me know
  2. Better question... are the rivers open? :)
  3. Puget Sound rivers are closed... You could drive another few hours for water that is open.
  4. Ill be hitting the Wenatachee on Sunday as long as it stays open that long.
    Thought they had a Jan. 31st closure but was not sure.
  5. come on down ! the waters fine !
  6. Lookin for a steel partner?
  7. Bass Turds sorry for not getting back to you. Did you hit the river?
  8. naw i ended up watching hockey all day and drinking mimosas with my wife. of course i started out with a couple ninkasi's tho
  9. My Sunday was similar. Big breakfast with my mom then heading back to Spokane from Seattle with the Wife with no fishing stops inbetween...

    Banking my fishing days, thats what i keep telling myself!

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