North to Alaska!

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  1. So 3 of us are driving up from Washington State to Alaska July 8 - 24 with a 5th wheel rig,

    We plan to drive up to the Cassier highway and then stop and fish lakes and streams up all the way through till we hit anchorage and fly home july 24th ... So .... anyone who has knowledge and wishes to share places to stop for a day or two or fly patterns, please give me a shout out. Looking forward to the trip ... have bug repellant ... rods ... water master blow up rafts (trying to avoid the hassle of pontoon frames). We do have the Milepost and a few other books ... but specific fishing info timed to the mid July is difficult to come by.

    Thanks ... Steve Egge
  2. I did the Cassiar highway northbound at the end of June a few years ago and it was right in the midst of heavy runoff and summer road construction season. There was a lot of washboard gravel and construction delays. The rivers were completely unfishable. There are a bunch of roadside lakes north of Dease Lake that are rumored to have big pike, but we didn't fish them because we had a trailer boat and couldn't find anywhere to launch. The scenery is awesome, but if I were doing it again, I'd stick to the Alaska Highway - especially with a 5th wheel. We ended up doing the vast majority of our fishing north of the junction of the two anyway.

    Regardless of which route you take, fuel up often! A lot of gas stations have closed down up there and you can end up having to cover long stretches of road without access to fuel. Bring twice as much bug repellent as you think you'll need too.
  3. Thanks ... hopefully the road is better ... we do plan on concentrating mostly on and around lakes ... have lots of "bug off" clothes, netting, 3M clothes bugoff spray, and Ultrathon ... know it is going into a battle zone with bugs.


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