North to Neah report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ibn, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Cool pictures and a cool video. Congratulations to all three of you.

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    Great water conditions, too! How did you guys dial in such nice weather (no big waves).

    I haven't fished Neah this time of year, but it seems like the weather/wave conditions, at least when you go, seem to be pretty favorable for smaller boats. Heck, how many times did you get out to Tatoosh in your Gregor that you had? I have a 14' Alaskan, and it's whining to get out, but it seems a little small for that big water. Do you guys do some weather analysis before you go, or do you just wing it?

    I need (emphasis on 'need') to get my 8 weight bent on a salty rockfish, and soon . . .

    Great photos and videos, man!
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    I watch the NOAA marine forecast closely prior to going out there, I almost always have a backup trip planned if the weather turns sour, the wind was coming from the SW for us, which provides for shelter if you're fishing in the straits. It actually was pretty bad out there, we weren't able to fish around Tatoosh or at Dunc rock, we had to tuck into some coves and bays. For me and my boat I don't like to be in anything bigger then 2-4ft wind waves. Roller size isn't really an issue unless windwaves are up.

    I took my old gregor out there 3 times before I decided I was getting the whaler. It's definatly doable in your boat, but it can turn scary fast if the weather comes up. If you've never been up there in your boat before I'd try and do a joint trip with someone else who has a boat, we only saw 2 other boats last weekend and they were just hanging out by the bay, once we hit the head of the cape there was no one else around.

    I would keep your eyes peeled for a "1ft or less" wind waves day, you can also get a gauge on wether or not the wether is going to change by looking at the days before and after the day you plan on going, if they also look pretty good, then odds are you will have great weather.

    Worst comes to worst you can launch at sekiu, the rockfishing can be great there as well, just harder to find. Sekiu is the Makah word for "calm waters". ;)
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    That looks like alot of fun Ibn! Keep the vids coming.
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    Nice work I Man!!!!!! so how much do I have to pay you to take me out Silver fishing this summer :)

    Keeepin it realllllll......
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    That was awesome stuff, I bet I watched that surface strike 50 times in a row! I had no idea they took stuff on top like that, dayum! :thumb: