Northern OR Coast Rivers – split guide trip

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  1. I’m headed to the Tillamook area for a few days between Christmas and New Year’s. Not a fishing specific trip, but I have a pass for at least one day and possibly two.

    I have not yet had the pleasure of floating or fishing any of these rivers. I considered bringing the raft, but then I figured it is probably smarter for a novice like me to float with a guide who knows the rivers first. I’ll be in the area between Dec 29 and Jan 1 and would like to book a trip to swing flies. I haven’t checked guide availability yet, but I’m thinking the Nestucca, Wilson, Nehalem, etc with River Runner Outfitters. I’m flexible if you have other suggestions.

    Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss more details.
  2. I am going to be in that same area during the same time frame and plan on fishing the Necanicum or Nehalem. I figured I would either make a little raft out of drift wood, snag a few tires from a truck stop or just swim from spot to spot with my tools. I too was going to bring my raft, frame and all that jazz but it just seemed like a lot of work. Plus my daughter is 2 years old and she is bored to tears of rowing me around in the raft all day, She would much rather swim around like a little otter while I work the water to a foam. That and she is just getting the hang of rowing and no matter how much I yell at her she does not have the strength to pull the anchor up and down. Since it is Christmas vacation I figured putting her on the oars all day would be out of the question.

    So we will just probably end up swimming the river together but I do plan on bringing my dogs. It is nice because we get colder much quicker than they do so we just hold onto their collars and let them tow us to each spot. The only problem with that is they bark so dang much, I also practice leave no trace so we have to carry around their poops in little bags. Other than that I plan to focus on fishing. I am not sure if you are going to be around but we should hook up. I actually have three labradoodles so you would be more than welcome to use one for the day so long as you either picked up the poops or sank them in the river where there is no trace!

    Let me know.
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  3. Steer clear of the Wilson. Too much access and total gear river.
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  4. There is plenty of bank access on the Nestucca a half hour South.
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  5. Many of the rivers up in northern oregon have gone to brood stock planting and the fish return later. rivers I would suggest are =

    NF Nehalem

    My favorite is the upper kilchis one of the best scenery rivers for a coastal river float from the park down. you can do around 10 miles going all the way to just above the 101 or do about 6 miles to the logging bridge. the upper canyon is just beautiful and the steel will stack up better in the upper stretch then in the lower. If you don't have much time the lower stretch is an easy float only about 4 miles. and should have fish but not near as beautiful (lowland farm land) or the numbers of the upper stretch. very little bank access! I would also not float the NF Nehalem without a guide in a raft. many lives lost on that river and a lot of private property but access can be found below the hatchery but gets pressured in this area.

    If you are going to hire a guide ask for the whole 10 mile float on the kilchis - it's worth the money imo!
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  6. Try Chris O'Donnell at River Runner Outfitters.
    He fishes the north coast for winter fish.

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  7. Yard Sale & East Fork, thank you for the advice. I expect it to be busy but would like to avoid the worst of the crowds if possible.

    Mark, I really appreciate your comments. I will look into your suggestions more closely. I thought I might be a little early, but this is the only time I have.

    SOPoker, that’s pretty good. Since you’ll be in the area, I may have some free spey gear for you, but I only have Burheimers and Hardys which weren’t on your list so I’ll assume you don’t want to meet up (if you see a guy with an Echo and a CLA it is definitely not me).

    Iggie, thanks for the recommendation.

    I’ll try again…
    Just an average guy trying to squeeze in some fishing. I thought I’d toss this out in an effort to maximize limited time and control costs. No kids and only one dog that does not come fishing. I have my own gear, can cast, tie knots, and willing to fish all day (by no means am I a jedi, expert, or professional). I do have a new-to-me raft, but I haven’t had enough time on the oars to be comfortable offering an open seat on new water. I’m aware that there are some easier stretches that I could probably handle safely, but I’d rather be overly cautious.
  8. Dog gone it DCM I will take the Burkies and a Hardy, lets do this. And while I am just getting into this spey game, I have been into whitewater for years and can row circles around most guides if you want I will row your raft down the N.F. Nehalem but my understanding from ODFW is that they plant the stock in both the N.F. and Necanicum but they harvest all the steel pushing past the hatchery so I think you would want to fish below the hatchery out to the confluence. Not much bank action though. I already prepared myself a nice list of spots to bank it on the Necanicum just in case we don't hook up.

    I am guessing you are not serious though because of the joke about the Burkie. I was just joking around above too. Not sure if it makes any difference but I NEVER take my dogs fishing, and if my 2 year old daughter could not pull up the anchor do you really think I would let her Row me through class V whitewater let alone net all the chromers?

    If you have a change of mind hit me up with a PM, I am good company, I tell jokes, don't get easily offended and I can tie knots too. In fact I can tie them in my leader without even using my hands, its a trick I learned back when I was a beginner. Oh and I will fish all day too, at least during our conversational hiatus of course.
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  9. X2 for Chris O'Donnell. And, if you want to fish the Nestucca, contact Rich Youngers of Creekside Flyfishing in Salem.

  10. x2 for Rich, not only does he know the Nestucca very well, he's a ton of fun on the water as well.
  11. Hey man I could split a guide day with you the 30th or the 31st. I fished with Chris Odonnel before in that area and he is great but will be in NZ those dates. I would be game to split a day with one of the other guides with you. Hit me up if those days work 541-420-3857 is my number. Michael stark.
  12. Let me add I would not want to fish with a bobber guide - swing only. Nymphing kills my bad elbow.
  13. Rich Youngers is a great guy and he owns a wonderful shop. I would fish with him in a second. Brian Marz might be another option, an Orvis endorsed guide as well. Though I have only chatted with him and not fished with him. He fishes the indicator and swings flies as well. You also got the big dawgs in Scott O'donell and Mike McCune. Not sure if they guide this time of year though.

    Despite what people tell you, you can swing all the North Coast Rivers.
  14. Thanks for all your input guys.
  15. This friend of mine taught me to spey cast 11 years ago on the Sandy. He guides all types of fishermen, although his passion is swinging flies on those rivers you mentioned. I have been on the river with him several times and I don't know if there's a fishier guy out there. Drake-

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