Northwest Montana - heading down tomorrow

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm planning on heading down Missoula way on Sunday to fish Rock creek, the Bitterroot, and maybe the upper Clark Fork, was hoping for some of the skwala hatch.....problem is it seems like the rivers are all up and vis is down with these higher temps. So am planning on fishing the Missouri as a back-up (strong back-up!) if the rivers don't clear up - fingers crossed. I have never been down and am pretty excited about it all, new country, browns, etc. Gonna go down for a week or so.

    Any advice greatly appreciated....

  2. If you go to the Mo, think pink and watch out for 'bows on their redds.

  3. Our rivers are on the drop. I saw some good Bitterroot reports, but the skwala nymphs are just starting to move about. The forecast is perfect, warm enough to get rid of valley snow, cool enough to keep the mountains frozen. Rock Creek might be a good option, but don't expect any risers. Think midge pupae, stone nymphs, worms etc.
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  4. Wow, I musta been looking in the wrong places for reports. that's great news to hear. I was getting set to fish the missouri, not that its a bad thing, I just wanted to fish some smaller water. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.


  5. And yes, bows on redds bad. thanks for the fly info too.

  6. The Missouri should be in good shape. It has several dams on it so in the winter time the flows are pretty steady. It is the summer time when the flows are nasty. They release lots of water for the farmers and ranchers.. You need to check the USGS web site to see if the flows are going up or down.
  7. Another vote for the Mo and Headhunters. They'll treat you right.
  8. Hey folks, thought i would repay advice with a report. Fished the Mo, Bitterroot and another small stream i won't mention.
    Fishing was really good the whole trip and on all the different waters, weather hit and miss, mostly cold and windy, with a solid blizzard day thrown in for good measure. Flies - pink scuds and streamers on the Mo and the small water, on the Bitterroot stones and red san juan worms worked. Have fallen in love with Montana.

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  9. Looks amazing! That last picture is gorgeous!!!
  10. Looks like you caught some nice fish. That first rainbow is ridiculous! Your pictures represent the beauty of that river well.

  11. Yeah that area is fantastic...can't wait to explore more as I bought the full year license. So much small water that looks're a lucky cat to be living in that county, Missoula also seems like a fun town, i took a walk on saturday night downtown and it was lively to say the least, fun times.


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