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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nick Clayton, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. I bought this vise used within the last six to eight months and have decided to go another direction. I tie so many small trout flies and I found access to be a pain with my big hands. I miss the room of my Renzetti Traveler.

    This is an awesome vise. No doubt. It does amazing things. Its just not what I need.

    So up for sale is the following:

    Norvise and post- older version in good used shape. This had an older set of jaws when I got it, with a different tightening mechanism, and I upgraded to the whole new head directly from Norm soon after. The original set still works great and is included.

    Mounting board for vise. This is a hinged box that the vise and post mount on. It also provides storage

    Post mounted lamp

    Two nor bobbins and multiple spools

    Asking $300 or trade for a rotary vise of a different style.

    Pics to follow
  2. Pm sent on possible trade.
  3. Renzetti Master in good shape. Whaddya say?
  4. Struck a deal. Thanks Jason, enjoy the Norvise
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