Not much love for the warm water forum this time of year...

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by IveofIone, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. ......but just to blow the dust off-I'm thinking of it. I hope to find some dry fly bluegills next year. And to start the year off on a good note it will be crappie fillets with all the trimmin's for New Years Day and some good ale to welcome in the New Year.

    Get those poppers tied!

  2. Ive, isn't it winter? Where is all this warm water you are talking about. I would not mind soaking my feet in some really warm water.
  3. I am itching like an albino pig in poison ivy for Bass season to come around.

    I am going to be fishing the arboretum near Seattle a lot. I only got a chance to explore it once last year.
  4. jesse: is there a boat launch there? I pass by that all the time and wonder how the fishing is there.
  5. All the talk about Omak got me thinking about lakes and kind of wishing that the season was already here. I am wondering if we will end up with more warm water lakes in the future as there may not be money in the budget to rehab trout lakes. If so, you may end up with more crappie on the menu Ive!
  6. smoked it is delious!
  7. Chef, you pose an interesting point. Crappie flesh is so delicious that about the only thing you can do to ruin it is overcook it. Yes, it is good smoked but it does taste just like smoked fish. Dipped in beer batter and fried in Crisco until it is crispy outside and creamy inside will always be my favorite.

    But if you have an excess of crappie as I often do try this: Just fillet the fish but leave the skin side intact. Rinse the fillets then brine them. Once brined pat them dry and air dry them on a rack until a pellicle forms. Place in your smoker or on grill skin side down with low heat and some wood chips. They should smoke up pretty fast and perhaps curl up. Now you have crappie nuggets and they are addictive. Eat them like you would an artichoke by peeling the meat off of the skin with your teeth. Bet you can't eat just one.

  8. I like a cornmeal crust and then panfried. Served with a hollondaise sauce or even a homemade remoulade.

    Simple sauteed and hit with a little lime juice too is nice. I like to serve it with white beans with tomatoes, bacon, green onion, caramelized onions and did I mention bacon! :)

    It is also tasty if you use it to make a Po Boy.... it's a cheap mans version but damn good.
  9. Heck yeah. It's right by the UW water recreation center. Drop me a line if you ever want to drop in sometime.
  10. Crappie and bluegill are a lot of fun on a 3 or 4wt.

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