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  1. I've only been tying for a short while and I'm finding it a great diversion for this really sucking weather. Here are my first attempts at tying flies with eyes, I patterned them after a fly from Patrick's Fly Shop that I forgot the name.

    View attachment 40555 .

    Surely these, or at least one of them, will catch a pink this year?

    Thanks to Constructeur for helping me through the fly tying process.
  2. Those would be Comets. Long tails.
  3. comets
    or fighting for the pink teams
  4. those will fish
  5. Yep! those will do the trick all right. Good work Upton O

  6. Thank you very much for providing the name and comments. I tied my first fly after watching Roger Stephens' presentation on his topwater sand lance and caught a SRC on it the first time out. I took half of a tying class at Orvis in February which I couldn't finish due to having a bug I picked up in Belize. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to get creative with flies. I know I'm not going to tie anything small (hand tremor) but these larger, simple flies are just the ticket. And they just might catch a fish.
  7. you could call them "The Bugs I picked up in Belize"

    Pretty sweet for a guy who took half a tying class
  8. Kelvin, thanks for the suggestion but they are the wrong color. Well, that might not be completely accurate, I didn't get to look at the sample under the microscope. Let me think on that some more. Thanks for the reminder. (ugh).
  9. those well do the trick in a few more months here!
  10. The old man at Patrick's REALLY brags comets up, and I don't blame him.
  11. Tie that one up with the cactus chenille with a conehead and you got yourself a 'pink turd'. That is my go-to fly for pinks, but any of those will work!! Nicely done. It's so much more fun to catch fish on your own flies, and I'm sure you will be catching some on those.
  12. HHEy O they look very good and will certainly catch fish. Just a mention that I have Parkinsons therefore the tremors in the hands too. I have trouble tying with various things but some times I can get the small ones to turn out well. I find there are many small ones that only use a few materials and can be quite good. Try the various chronomids and some emergers, and you don't allways have to follow a known pattern but use things you may have to make the fly look all most the same as the original. I can tie some real junk at times,and they sometimes catch fish. The fish doesn't know that they don't match the patterns. Also I just take things slowy and do each step with care and it works. I do have an easier time with most of the larger flies but not always. and i just keep from getting dicouraged and maybe change the one I'm tying to something else for a break. I also tie many patterns that I probably will never use but the change is fun. when I got Les Johnsons book I started tying several flies and just then kept changing to the next one. guys talk about using only afew flies and for the salt I probably have 30 patterns tied up just for the fun of it. I may only use three of them because I don't like to change flies it's harder than tying. Good luck
  13. Matthew: I haven't tied with cone heads yet but that'll be next, the pink turd will be the first. I imagine I'll be tying some clousers pretty soon. I appreciate input and instruction, I think one of the best parts of tying for me is there are no rules and the only boundary is imagination and creativity. I put together a couple of the ugliest creations that will never see the light of day again. On the other hand, as was said by Bob, it doesn't matter what my impression is, its the fish's reaction that counts. I'll head out and stock up on cone heads today. Les' book is excellent for finding patterns I want to tie next since SRCs are my usual targets.

    And Bob, you've spoken of your challenge presented by Parkinson's and my hat is off to you. You definitely cowboy up and don't let the disease run your life, well done. And I agree, it is harder to change flies than tie flies. At least the hook in the vise is standing still. When I first watched A River Runs Through It, I related to the sons. Now I'm more appreciative of the last scene where Norman is old, standing in the river, struggling to get the leader tied to his fly. But he's still on the river, still tying a fly on his line and fishing the best he can. Fly fishing on the river is the one constant through his life, its more powerful than his physical being, its his soul.

    Thanks again for the input and suggestions. Very much appreciated. And Constructeur: you were the one that lit the candle. Thanks for all of your help.
  14. Very nice indeed, and definitely fishable for pinks I would think :D
  15. That's Jim K. and he posts here under Tyeechuck. He's a good egg. :thumb:

    Right on Karl! We're gonna slay em' this year.

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