(Not that I care) "Hey, where did everyone go?"

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Yesterday (Saturday) was beautiful; shirt sleeve weather, river (Rogue) conditions couldn't have been better for fly fishing, thousands of fish in the upper system ... so says to 'Self:' "Self, lets chuck the dogs in the car (my yellow lab and neighbors Husky) and hit the river for a bit of fishing while dogs do a sniff around." 'Self' agrees this is a good plan A.

    Went to the Denmon Bar/Modoc Ponds runs that can't be more than a 10 minute drive out of DT Medford. Drive up and I'm 'confronted' with a 1,000++ yards of empty beach. :beer2: Not a single other person in sight.

    Bugger of it all was wife-type calls me on my cell phone (Joan's up in Portland) with a "OOOOOO! OOOOO! OOOOOO! The new washer/dryer "we" want is (last day) on sale at Lowe's, can you drop buy their Medford store and buy them today?" (One does not say no to "The Redhead" :eek: ... especially given you had a hand in picking out the equipment.)

    Well, that screwed up the day,:beathead: but we have the 'new stuff' coming in a few days.

    Odd part of it was I drove by two other major public access ... and no body at either one either. Go figure?
  2. LOL!!! Funny... Thanks for sharing... Really enjoyed it...

    I take it you got the last washer/dryer they had right... Wonder if that was where everyone was at???

    Myself - I'd be hittin' the water....
  3. NW, you're closer than you might immagine: last dryer in the store .. the washer has to be shipped to Medford ....

    from Portland!:rolleyes:
  4. that is, indeed, the saddest story I heave read recently, you let a washer/dryer purchase take precedence over fishing the upper Rogue? Are they quittin making them soon or something? NO more washer and dryers? ever? Maybe I better go get a couple of em.... J/K....

    By the way, nice post, real color
  5. Wow! Sorry to hear they are having to ship it... That sucks... It is humorous though... :)
  6. You old wise man. You learned how to say "Yes Dear" at such a difficult moment. That must have taken many years of practice. I've still not mastered it yet, Especially if the swinging water is in view. Another trick I heard from another old wise man is....Go fishing with a buddy and have him bring his cell phone, but you drive, leave your cell phone at home. If the buddy's wife calls, sorry, fishing buddy is driving and doesn't want to turn around. This way you have a cell phone just in case....... He explained the cell phone is just a wireless leash the wife keeps you on.

    I guess I can't complain, my wife is VERY patient with my fishing endeavors.
  7. Note to Fred: you have a cell phone. The redhead called you on it. You could have used that same cell phone to call Lowes and tie up the purchase over the phone in between casts. Think Fred, think!
  8. I am getting married this summer and you better believe I am taking notes!
  9. First real laugh of the day ... because you're probably right. As I had 5 full sized spey rods on top of the car (plus 200'ish pounds of dogs in back) had to drive all the way back to the south end of Ashland, dump off rods/dogs, drive back to the north end of Medford ..........:rofl:

    But as a wiser guy than I once said: "It's absolutely amazing what a man will do to get a piece of ....":eek: (Sorry NW, but it IS true .....:hmmm: )

  10. Live and learn, Fred. Live and learn. Now you'll know to put that technology to work for you next time, and you'll benefit more ways than one. I put off getting a cell phone for the longest time, preferring to live somewhat simpler in this complex world. I got one last year, and have been impressed with the benefits. After a long day fishing, when I get back into cell service range, I call my GF and tell her about when I expect to be home. That little courtesy results in dinner being ready when I get home and the poa for desert. Best of both worlds.

  11. sounds dangerous. as for the crowds I had the opposite experience yesterday on the Hoh. must've been 12 boats floating from the park to morgans/minnies bar, and that is not a large river
  12. I was in Medford this morning, and all I could think of was why I didn't have a fly rod with me. The river looked like it was in great shape. It was painful driving past it and the NU on my way back home. Fred you have too many spey rods in that garage. Go fishing!
  13. Having grown up fishing the Rogue but only with a single hander I wonder what it would be like to fish her with a 2 hander? Likely would not even be fair. Poor fish wouldn't stand a chance. Spent many a day wasting my youth away at Modoc ponds and the Rogue River near by. Catfish from the pond and steelhead from the river.

    Fred, there is no way I would stop fishing to purchase a washer and dryer. There is no poa worth that much.
  14. Cat fish in the Ponds??? Now that's news to me; wonder how they be on a 5/6 wt switch rod? Ever hook one on a fly? (Shows you what I know about 'fishin fer cats.':rolleyes: That said, I suspect my 20+ year old 'Saki' would find the thought rather objectionable.))
  15. iagree
    Good man; time in the 'military' learning to say: "Yes Sir, No Sir, No Excuse Sir" will serve you well.:ray1:
  16. Fred,

    Back when we would fish Modoc ponds for cats the methods we used would likely land you in jail now. Remember this would have been in the late sixties. We would go to the ponds late in the evening. When it was good and dark out, no moon, we would take an old car tire and place it close to the water's edge. Light the tire on fire and wait for the light from the burning tire to attract the cats up close. Then we would toss night crawlers to the congragating fish. The tire would burn for several hours and we would catch a hundred or more cats in an evening sometimes. The next day was spent cleaning fish, then a big fish fry with all the fish and beer you could handle.
  17. First good laugh of the day! I'm sure 'burning tyres' would now get a lot of peoples 'attention.' The 'wrong kind' of attention. (How do you look in profile while holding up a card with numbers?)

    Well the ponds are still there, wonder about the cat fish?
  18. That's the same thing I was thinking Salmo.

    As to why Fred would postpone fishing to please the "Red Head", for those of you that haven't been around here long, the "Red Head" or "Joanmeister" as she is fondly called has watched the good Mr. Evans enrich the coffers of several rod makers and fly shops, including my own. She has also opened her home on several occasions to a sizable group of spey casters and entertained them in pretty fine style. I think it was pretty cool that FAE would stop what he was doing to please the "Red Head". The river is close, he can almost always go.:beer2:
  19. I don't question for a second Fred's obligation to satisfy the redhead. It's in his interest, in more ways than one, to do so. Just thinking that he could have done that and kept fishing. What's the point in all this technology if it doesn't result in more or improved fishing?
  20. Thank you Mike; I'll pass this very fine compliment on to Joan.

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