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  1. While the Hoh was puking I went to Mexico. I spent a day bonefishing. My first guided trip!
    We flew to Cancun, rented a car and drove to Tulum. Customs in Cancun was slower than molasses in January. Also, there are speedbumps on the freeway. And dudes with machine guns.

    My fishing trip wasn't until a few days after arriving, so we got to chill a few days before tackling the beach road. I had reserved a Wrangler but the Wrangler was pulling out of the lot when I got to the rental place, so I got a Patriot...a car that looks like a Jeep. It did alright on that road, but it was slow going. Imagine the worst stretch of the Middle Fork Rd in September. Now lengthen it about 20 times. That's what the southern half of the beach road to Punta Allen is like. Massive pothole after massive pothole. It was doable but somewhat taxing.
    My guides from Ascension Bay Bonefish Club checked out my gear and flies. They were ready to go. Included was a cheapo Shakespeare spinning combo for my wife to toss. We got in the skiff and headed across the bay, about a 45 minute run. The coastline was completely free of any development--just solid mangroves. Seemed like we were the only people for miles.
    The first lagoon/flat we pulled into seemed empty of fish...until we spooked three bones that quickly left the area. We pulled into a channel that connected two flats. It was about 6-8 feet deep with a good current. My wife chucked the 'cuda tube and got a follow from a huge barracuda...must've been 4 feet long. It didn't come back. Nevermind, underneath the mullet in the channel was a school of about 200 bonefish. "This doesn't happen every day," says the guide. Caught my first bonefish out of there and quite a few more. Also rigged up the spinning combo with a little weight and one of my flies (I had tied a ton before the trip), and my wife got a couple nice bones on that. It was kinda like salmon fishing really, with the schooled up fish and the current, the cast was not challenging b/c the fish were so close, and it was just a little too easy. I wanted to stalk the flats, look for feeding fish, make long know, bonefishing. So we left fish to find fish.
    And find them we did. I definitely screwed up some--spooking fish, missing casts--but my take is that bonefishing isn't all that hard. Get it in front of them and they'll eat. At least that was my experience. It was super fun. Those fish make awesome runs for their compact stature. And I enjoyed both wading and stalking schools and casting from the bow of the skiff.
    Oh I did hook a barracuda...and broke it off, DOH! I neglected to check the mono on the spinning rod...ended up having to pull off about 30 yards to get to the non-rotten stuff underneath. What can I say, I'm a fly fisherman. Still, I should know better.
    I fished the surf around the hotels a bit with the spinning rod...nothing doing but I did see a guy get a nice Jack in this one spot that he had beaten me to. Shoulda gotten up earlier.
    First time guided, first time fishing tropical salt...I had a great experience. Next time, I want to fish a couple few days and target permit.
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    Are you sure that that is not the Southern Oregon coast?????

    I am jealous.
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    Warm weather, clear water, beautiful scenery (human and otherwise), great food, great fish: nothing wrong with this picture. Great photos, how about some narrative on the details?
  4. Added to the original post. By the time I uploaded the photos last night I had to skeedaddle.
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