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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Rod Wittner, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    Remember to check the flows before I go fishing.
    I had the itch to go see if I could swing up a steelhead at Ringold. I was to pick up my son Adam at 6:30 so we could go hang out together and do some fishing. I got to his apartment and rang the bell. Then I rang the bell again. And again. Son of a bitch. Figuratively, not really. No answer.
    So I head up to Ringold. As I am approaching the river, I said to myself, geez, it looks pretty high. I arrive at the parking lot and commence to wader up and string up. It's about a 1/4 mile walk to the coffin hole... I get to the top of the embankment and "high" did not adequately describe the water level. I waded in a few steps and was immediately over waist deep, and there were tons of tumbleweeds in the water. Strike two.... I made a few casts and realized I should have stayed home and spent the day setting up my new tying desk. I checked the flow when I got home, it was somewhere around 150kcfs. There was one guy down below near the regular Ringold stretch that was swinging, but I did not want to go above him and wasn't about to step in below him. Screw it, I headed for the house to watch some football and tie some flies. Oh, and Adam decided to go with a buddy last night down to McNary to bobber fish for steel. They got cold and skunked. Serves him right. :p
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    things happen
    the football could be good today
  3. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I must have just missed you Rod. I was in Coffin hole about 11 or so, I decided to sleep in. Fished through it twice, sort of, not readily wadable and I kept putting my D loop in the weeds behind me. No tugs or nothing.

    If you are free on Saturday, maybe we could swing together?

  4. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    I had a feeling you would be there today, Wayne. We did just miss each other, I left around 10. I'm game for next Saturday, give me a call.