November Events at Orvis Bellevue

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    Coming November Events at Orvis Bellevue:

    "Chums for Chum Seminar" 6:00PM Wed, Nov 6 - Beer, Pizza and Bullshit on fishing, catching, and landing these big bruisers from the beach. Totally Free

    "Chums for Chum Fish-In" 8:00AM Wed, Nov 13 - Food, Refreshments and hopefully, big fish at Twanoh State Park, Hood Canal. Call 425-452-9138 to sign up. Very Free - just let us know you're coming so we won't run out of food.

    "Searun Cutthroat School" Sat & Sun, Nov. 16 & 17 -
    Learn the ways of the wily searun and his predilection for poppers in this 8AM Saturday store class and Sunday beach trip with almost famous searun beach sensei and general know-it-all, Leland Miyawaki. Call 425-452-9138 to sign up. $100

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    My what big eyes you have swami!