November fly salon: Bonefish patterns

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Maybe not Permit Flies but I can tell you from my experience with a lot of trips for Permit your crab Pattern would work for sure
  2. Cool, there are lead eyes under the braid so it will sink too. But I was just kidding about all that,permit flies are welcome
  3. Like Pat, I have never had the chance to fish for Bonefish, nor can I fathom a chance in in the foreseeable future. I usually tie fishing flies, i.e flies that I will be using to fish. Thus, I have never tied a Bonefish fly. However, I have worked in a fly-shop before, where the owners went to S. Andros for Bonefish every year with customers from the shop, and I currently guide (part-time) on the Yakima, and our Guide Service hosts a trip to Asencion Bay for Bonefish/Permit/Tarpon each year. So, I am familiar with Bonefish flies. I know what a Crazy Charlie is, a Gothca, a Bitters, etc. But to be honest, these patterns seemed a little boring to tie. I looked at crabs, but didn't have the materials that I would want to use to produce a crab to my liking. Obviously these are tried and true patterns, but I was looking for something a little more.

    Most of my saltwater materials I purchased when I lived on the westside, and I used them to imitate sand lances or small baitfish for sea-run Cutt's in the Sound. This was towards then end of living on the westside, so I never accrued much. I tried to get a little creative with this fly, but at the same time I wanted a fly that could possibly fish. I wasn't really sure why Bonefish flies are designed the way they are, so I got on Amazon and perused through Dick Brown's Bonefish Fly Patterns using the "Surprise Me" function. I read about weighting the fly, the "splash" of the fly, what I was trying to imitate. As a salmonid fisherman, I was a little overwhelmed, but even more intrigued. It's like a whole new branch of fly-fishing, and I hope some day that I will get to have a whack at fishing for these fish. If I do, I will be spending quite a bit of time filling up a new fly box with both tried and true patterns, and hopefully some like these.
    DSC_0635 - edit 1.jpg

    Who the heck knows if it would fish, but it would sure be fun to try one out. I think I will try another one, hopefully before the fly salon ends. I'd like to change the Pink thread to Fire Orange, add some rubber legs out the rear along with the antennae, and make the eye stalks a little longer. I know it's no mantis shrimp, and it's probably a little dark and not "bottom color matching" for a small ghost shrimp, but it looks "shrimpy" to me.

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  4. I like the hot glue gun work, as well as the glass bead eyes. nice work james
  5. Here are a few of my bonefish boxes.
    If you can't tell, I really like the color tan... ;)

  6. Jeebus.
  7. Did somebody win? I wanna see if we're doing a yarnie salon for December.
  8. Oh ya that. I think James st Clair tied the coolest and most original fly this month. A close second was that one guy with his favorite pattern, green clouser
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  9. What is a yarnie? If it is chartreuse McFlyfoam yarn tied on a hook to catch chums I'm thinking I may go a different route...

    I'll try and come up with something tonight. Need to read the rules and regs again.Is there a list of all the salons that have been done before?

    Thanks Pat! Appreciate the comments! Although if I was voting (I realize you can't win your own salon) I think your crab would take the cake, I really like the mallard (or teal?) feather epoxied over the back for the shell, while simultaneously being used for the claws. Mantis shrimps were cool patterns too!
  10. Ahhh...just read the yarnie thread. Very creative, with yarn. I would have chosen the veggie yarnie, but I think you would need both a cold storage fly box, and an expiration date on each fly, as to when the micro-greens become unappetizing to the vegetarian fish. That was actually a really cool theme! I still think I am going to try something different though.

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