November on Puget Sound

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Tachell, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Went fishing for a few hours this afternoon for the first time in a couple weeks. Pretty depressing to see the gill nets everywhere. However, I got lucky and managed a bright little silver buck and a few searuns. This particular silver was the latest silver I have ever caught in the salt. Anyway, for the full report and more pics check out my blog.
    November on Puget Sound 005.JPG November on Puget Sound 015.JPG November on Puget Sound 013.JPG November on Puget Sound 011.JPG
  2. Nice little wild Coho there.
    Wonder why those nets haven't been pulled/picked already! They look like they have enough dead fish in 'em.
  3. Nice Jonathan! Looks like those nets have been neglected! Full of seaweed unless you saw the tribal person around tending them.
  4. There was nobody in sight and most of the fish looked like they had been dead for a day or two.
  5. You should report it if you haven't already.
  6. Yeah I would email fish and game and send in the pics and see if they can do something about it. You will probably get a letter back stating they cant but its worth the effort.

    I made it out for a while yesterday in your neck of the woods, caught a couple of SRC and one little resi, was a nice surprise that they were still really aggressive towards a popper. Saw some chum jumping and some guys in a boat trying to get them to play but didnt look like they had any luck.
  7. Yeah I reported it. Hopefully the net was pulled last night and the fish did not go to waste but if not hopefully fish and game can do something about it. Or at least contact someone who can.
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  8. While the gill netting sucks, removing wild coho out of the water is illegal unless you harvested it. We can all point fingers at tribal netting being a issue, but your argument is lessened by your self incriminating picture.
  9. I actually did harvest this particular fish as it was legal to do so and looked like it would be delicious on the BBQ. Now if I threw it up in the brush to go to waste than I might see your comparison to the fish being wasted in the gill net that had long been expired. I respect you very much Ringlee and the fish that I pursue. If someone is going to gill net, that is fine if it is legal to do so but at least attend to your gear and don't waste the fish.
  10. I agree Jonathan, that's not even close to the same comparison. Very nice looking coho at this time of the year! Looks like a good day on the water.
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  11. More people learn from internet pictures than they do from fine print in the regs. Hooking mortality is higher for salty fish than fresh and though you chose to legally take that wild south sounder (nearly esa listed but still legal), posting dry hero's on the web might not be the best message unless you mention it was bonked. Also, complaining about fish wasting in gillnets and then posting photos of one you killed the same day doesn't give you much cred there holmes...
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  12. I believe Jonathan clearly stated that his problem wasn't with people netting fish, but the fact that the net looked abandoned and the fish would go to waste sitting in the net and not being collected. Your argument might make sense if he bonked the fish and left it sitting on the bank to rot...
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  13. Wow. Jumping on Jonathan is quite a stretch here. Comparing him taking a fish to fish wasting? He mentioned his plans to slap that tasty morsal on the barbeque. The fish in those nets don't look so tasty.

    It was just a report folks, Christ. No wonder people would rather have a blog than post a detailed report on here.

    Great fish man. Hope it was tasty.
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  14. No kidding, what is this the steelhead forum!? Seems to be lots of drama in the last few days. Go fishing!
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  15. About all people learn from some of these comments is certain flyflingers wear panties that are WAY too tight. General observation on my part. Only message I got was that some dude caught a nice silver late in the season plus a few cutthroat and also saw a net unattended with rotting fish in it.

    Serious stretch there regarding nets and the fish picture. He caught and kept one, could have caught 100 and kept 2. Could have thrown his fly in the water and left and it would have done ZERO damage to future fish runs.

    JT, nice fish. Apologize if this starts a flame fest but some of the frigging comments I've read here over the years make me scratch my nutsack.
  16. The runs of fish that I were fishing for are not ESA listed and may or may not have been where you think I caught it. However, the fact that a guy can not post a fly fishing report on a fly fishing web site without getting bashed seems kind of crazy. Especially when I believe I did it tactfully with out pointing fingers at anyone group or even there chosen fishing methods. I was and am only concerened that the fish being harvested are not going to be wasted.

    That being said I think this will be my last post on as it does not seem to provide the same type of enjoyment as it once did. It seems there is more hostility and trivial meaningless posts then actual fishing reports and educational topics any more. So those that know me, keep in touch and when you see me on the water say hello.
  17. I think I'm with Jonathan. There's far too much self-righteous posturing and attacks that are based on speculation and leaps in logic that fall far short once the facts are examined.

    To those of you who ever offered me advice and guidance on here, thank you. Those of you that I've met on the water, I hope to see you again someday.

    But you can count me out on here from now on as well.
  18. Wow. I am new here and now I am afraid to post anything. I will continure to browse and learn what I can. Jonathan, I follow your blog and really get enjoyment out of it. I hope you continue with your blog though.
  19. Jonathan,

    It is indeed legal to retain wild coho, although I don't in Washington because of their current status. As for the net, you can contact the respective tribe if you feel the Gill net was illegal. You would be amazed at what condition those fish are in and still get sold. The consumer doesn't know about the fish.

    Contacting WDFW will do nothing as they have no authority. I've seen this for over 20 years now growing up on Puget Sound and sadly, little gets done to improve the situation despite attempts.

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