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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Tachell, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. This has nothing to due with the subject of this thread. This was a fishing report, and nothing more. If you aren't coming on here to check the report and say good job why don't you go paTROLL some other forum.
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  2. Jonathan and James,

    I hope you reconsider leaving the WFF salwater forum. I really enjoy your posts and photos on this site. The saltwater forum is better than the others and there is minimal bashing here. I keep some unclipped MA-9 coho myself each year for the BBQ, there is nothing wrong with doing this in moderation. Seeing the fish rotting in the gill nets pisses me off, your images should be shared with the Seattle Times. The story could run next to the giant octopus uproar.

    Those who bash Jonathan should back off. We want more reports here and less pontificating.

  3. I agree with Dimebrite, this is a great forum, and the Salt forum is fantastic. I look forward to all the regular contributor's trip reports. Jonathon and James both provide great info and good stories. We need to keep it up and not get off track here.

    Good report Jonathon, look forward to more.
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  4. nice fish.... no such luck for me today. gunna try again in the a.m.
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  5. As with the discussion below,

    some will of course continue to say Jonathan is being bashed, but killing ANY wild fish in WA is a legitimate subject of debate, whether it is legal or not. Folks will by definition disagree with opposing view points, but IMO these types of discussions are important.

    Jonathan, if you haven't let your hurt feelings chase you away and are still lurking... You posted the pic and announced that you chose to " harvest" a wild fish. You should have expected some members (with their panties WAY too tight, like mine... OUCH!) to disagree with the ethics of this choice, if for no other reason than the feedback from the dead rockfish pic referenced above. Grip-n-grins of dead wild fish posted on the net will receive criticism, right or not. It's a DISCUSSION forum. Deal with it. Or maybe post them on GameFishin instead!

    Finally, I would suggest that in WA, the term "harvest" be reserved for hatchery fish. Wild fish should be conserved via appropriate C&R, regardless of the legality of whacking them. Many seem to hide behind the "harvest" term to shift the brunt of THEIR ethical decision to WDFW.
  6. fyi... it is not illegal to do a grip and grin for the camera with a wild fish in the saltwater (except area 2-2).

    from the rule book:

    FRESHWATER: “It is unlawful to totally remove salmon, steelhead, or Dolly Varden/Bull Trout from the water if it is unlawful to retain those fish, or if the angler subsequently releases the salmon, steelhead, Dolly Varden/Bull Trout.”
    MARINE AREAS 5 through 13: “It is unlawful to bring wild salmon or a species of salmon aboard a vessel if it is unlawful to retain that salmon” (“aboard” means inside the gunwale of a vessel).
    MARINE AREA 2-2: “It is unlawful to totally remove salmon from the water if it is illegal to retain those fish, except anglers fishing from boats 30 feet or longer as listed on either their state or Coast Guard registration, are exempt.”

    there was no grip and grin of a dead wild fish, jonathan only mentioned that he ended up harvesting the fish to deal with those complaining about his "not-illegal" fish handling.
  7. Sure, point taken. But how we got to the point that the wild fish was killed isn't relevant to my point. I didn't claim that it was illegal to hold a wild fish out of the water in the salt or criticize him for doing so. I was just commenting on the developing discussion of the ethics of whacking a wild coho. Mention of the grip-n-grin specifically was not central to my point.
  8. You guys should spend more time fishing and less time arguing ethics on the interwebs.

    Buncha Hippies.
  9. Good job Jon for nabbing the chromer, let the moderators do their job of moderating not passing judgement. I would've whacked and stacked em all the same and posted them up with grips and plenty of grins for all to see. Let the haters hate, just keep on fishing! When we recently found that more of our Coho catches were un-clipped fish we put an inquiry into the WDFW wondering why the sudden jump of adipose fish. They said that in 2010 they did a study and didn't clip 40,000 fish to compare if it made a difference in their returns to that river. We went from many clipped fish into mostly un-clipped, and didn't want to engage in harvesting any wild fish if indeed there was a wild run on this system. That call confirmed that the run of fish were ultimately of all hatchery origins as the hatchery has been in existence for over 100 years. Point is, don't be so quick to pass judgement, there are always more side to the story than meets the eye. Jon, keep posting up your reports and pics, good job!
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  10. Haters are going to hate. Or more likely that they are jealous that Johnathon was out fishing and was able to bag a tasty Coho.
  11. You guys are so predictable. Continued denial and entitlement mentality. I grew up in AK and watched the small-town locals do the same crap as they whacked steelhead after steelhead because it was their right.

    I like to see a good report as much as anyone and good on Jonathan for getting out and having success. I simply believe that we need to err on the side of caution and release unclipped fish. Simple.

    I'm not sure you guys even know what a healthy run of silvers looks like. Just let's say that this year's "banner" return isn't it.
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  12. The fact of the matter is that Jonathan did not ask your opinion on the matter. I'm pretty sure if he was in some sort of moral dilema he would have stated so. He simply posted a report, nothing more. I just don't see the point of jumping in and cramming your own personal beliefs down everyone's throat.

    Your points may be valid, but if you're so concerned about it perhaps you should start your own thread instead of bashing on him when he was simply trying to share his great day on the water. In case you haven't noticed, there is a serious lack of reports in most of the other sub forums.... I believe the SW forum gets plenty of reports mostly because we don't have this type of bullshit.

    I can think of at least 6 regular's on the SW board who posted up pics of unclipped silvers this season, myself included, and nobody felt the need to jump on those posts. Why this one? I have a feeling it's because people are sitting at their computers rather than out on the water releasing native fish.
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  13. I agree completely. For those who are worried about fly anglers keeping too many unclipped silvers you should start your own saltwater thread entitled "Fly Guys Are Killing Too Many Wild Coho". Why ruin this thread, it was a good post?

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  14. Waaah! I posted on this particular thread because the question of killing wild fish had come up, and because I already had questions about Jonathan's "harvest" mentality from the "30 dead rockfish" thread.

    As far as the lack of "this type of bullshit" on the saltwater forum, there have been plenty of examples of folks being called into question for handling/retention issues here. I think the main reason for more reports here is that most poster's keep specific spots quiet and instead just report on "MA9", etc.

    Sorry your buddy couldn't take the heat, but every time anyone posts on a DISCUSSION forum, they are asking for feedback. I have been respectful with my opinions (they are just that), so again, just deal with it. Or, there is always the ignore function; use it!
  15. Just for you, Dime, here's some love to put the thread back on topic. Would be such a whitebread forum, if this is all there was, but hey, that's OK too, I guess!

    Nice fish Jonathan. Sounds like a great day.

  16. Looking forward to any future reports from you... so I can bash it.

  17. Hmmm... so in your thinking, anytime anyone opens a post up it is an invitation for ANYONE to chime in and give their opinion on ANYTHING? I wonder why there is even the option of giving a new post a title. Since each post is simply an open discussion on whatever strikes each poster's fancy, I see no need to limit things by having titles. Hell, for that matter, why offer individual threads at all? Why not just have a single, large thread where we can all just converse until our hearts are content.

    Sounds to me, from your own admission, that you simply have beef with how Jonathan chooses to legally spend his free time, since your feelings from a previous post were carried over into this one. He broke not a single law, he made no demands, he asked for no opinion. He simply shared with the rest of us, who are interested in such things, the pictures and tale of his day. Period.

    Again, if you're so against this, where were you when I and others were posting pics of dead unclipped silvers? And as Dime suggested, starting your own post would be a fine way to go. But alas, I'm quite certain you will NOT do that, and instead just go door-to-door, so to speak, and cram your opinion down everyone else's throat... not unlike the Mormons who constantly show up on my porch.

  18. Not putting in on either side of the debate here, but just want to point out that this community can do a lot of good for each other, and can put a lot of positive effort into fixing/improving things that are wrong with our fisheries, environment, etc. But with that in mind, its probably worth picking your battles. Criticizing a report made by an enthusiastic individual who fished legally and kept a hard earned fish seems to have only divided the people on this forum, and perhaps caused some of them to leave. Seems like that effort and emotion would be better spent focused on an issue we could all agree on, like the (potentially) unattended nets that would certainly be doing a lot more harm than one legally kept fish. I'm not saying all of you need to agree with keeping fish in every situation its legal, I just think that certain critiques are going to hurt a lot more than they will help.
    If I were to challenge Jonathan to release that fish I'd have probably PM'd him with the info about the coho in the sound, and just suggest that he check it out in case it changed his outlook on keeping unclipped coho, and then congratulate him on a good day on the water.
  19. I sure hope nobody bonks any wild unclipped humpies next summer.....
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  20. 1) I didn't start the discussion of retention on this thread, just joined in.

    2) I don't have a beef with "how Jonathan chooses to legally spend his free time", just why he doesn't want to release wild fish.

    3) I was out releasing wild fish. Right now, I'm stuck home sick so tough shit. Use the ignore button and I'll be better soon and out of you and your buddies' love-fest.

    4) Mormons. Wow. Where's Trey Parker and Matt Stone when you need 'em, eh?

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