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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Tachell, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. I never would have thought I'd see fly fishers jump on a guy for arguing against killing wild coho. You guys are developing the same meat fisherman mentality that we see on display every chum run. If you can sit back and post, "cool fish bro" & "tasty morsel" then you're well on your way to chucking buzz bombs.

    mtskibum16- You think Ringlees a troll? In asserting this did you consider his background in marine biology, his work at WDFW or NMFS? Or that he was a mod here before working in AK this past season. None of those mean he's worthy of special respect, but when he speaks to the subject of threatened fish he does know his business.

  2. Are you effing kidding me????? If I post "cool fish bro" I am on my way to chucking buzz bombs? My god, you people are really taking this and running with it.

    I know nothing about Ringlee, and have absolutely nothing against the man/woman, and he is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject of wild coho..... However, since he opened this can of worms by stating it is illegal to remove a wild coho from the water and that has since been proven to be incorrect info, I really don't see how the background you stated is relevant.
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  3. When these sorts of ethical challenges come up, I often ask myself "what would Brian Boitano do?"

    I'm sure he'd bonk a fish or two...that's what Brian Boitano would do.

    Side note: I didn't catch any coho this year from the beach, but the one I bought at the fish market wasn't clipped.
  4. I cant believe you guys have trolled a fishing report on a legally harvested fish to the point that it is going to be locked, it is a sad day.
  5. It's the internet, don't take any of this personally. Heck, this topic comes up every few years anyhow and no one's left the forum that I can remember.

    It's pertinent to the the numbers Ringlee posted re Coho & the fact this one was "harvested". Only one guy stood up to say that was wrong, yet there's a whole chorus applauding the harvest. I never thought I'd see that here or on another flyfishing board where the members profess to be conservationists.
  6. Adding to the thread or discussion is good. Differences of opinion are good as it can be educational. Comparing a derelict gill net to someone posting a picture of a salmon he caught is absolutely ridiculous.

    Not sure I see a whole chorus applauding the harvest as much as people saying thanks for the pics. Reading into it anymore than that is quite a stretch.
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  7. See... Now you've ruined it for me! How can I argue with Brian Boitano?!? The genius of Matt & Trey stikes again!
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  8. Here's one for all of us to ponder. Right now, surplus coho adults that are returning to a hatchery in the Green River basin are being planted in other tributary streams in that basin. If these fish are successful spawning "in the wild" (in streams that are not their natal streams, BTW), their progeny will be unclipped, and in 3 or more years, we'll be fishing for them in Puget Sound. What do we do then? Releasing all "wild" (read unclipped) coho could mean releasing these hatchery brats to continue spawning "in the wild" among themselves and with other actual wild fish. In a few generations, all the real wild coho could be gone, replaced by unclipped hatchery-origin fish.
  9. Who is to know for sure that was a derelict net? I was born and raised in the south sound and though I saw a lot of salmon go to waste, I also saw a lot of unattended nets get pulled and fish tossed in totes.

    Gillnets will probably kill more wild salmon in a year than Johathan Tachell but when he complains online about seeing them all day while at the same time broadcasting his harvest of a wild salmon I can't help but to question his ethics.
  10. Hmmmmm...... Still quite the stretch. Post was tactful and not inflammatory. Even after being questioned about the ethical aspect, his response was respectful to all parties. Not so from the other side, as I see it.


    Me on the other hand, I have no tact. Some of y'all need to go to the pharmacy.....;)

    Dan\'s Ointment.jpg
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  11. I knew I joined this site for a reason.... super funny!
  12. Read the blog post PT, pretty sure they were getting in the way of his catching...
  13. I'm having more fun only partially informed.....;)
  14. Taken from the blog....."I just hope none of the fish go to waste". Seems to match up well with the only theme he pushed here.

    This thread is as sad as an unattended gill net

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  15. If I were combing beaches littered with gillnets full of dead wild fish the last thing I would want to do is kill a wild fish.
  16. Looks like a good outing Jon, grats and poo on the nets :(
  17. I have no idea who he is. He may be a super intelligent and great person for all I know. I assumed he was a mod since it's still says that under his name (thus the play on "patrolling" the forum). All I know is he isn't a regular on the salt forum (at least not this year) and he came in here and made a dumb comment claiming Jonathan was doing an illegal activity (that wasn't actually illegal - holding a wild fish out of the water) and compared that to a derelict gill net. His accusing comment was what made Jonathan first mention he harvested the fish and took this thread down this rediculous road. He then continued to take the thread off track - sorry, but he was trolling this thread.

    Again, Jonathan wasn't on here bragging about killing fish and was simply posted a report and commenting on neglected nets. I don't know the fishery he was in, but for a coho to be that bright at this time of the year and that size, my guess is it's an unclipped HATCHERY resident coho anyways. We saw loads of the cookie cutter hatchery fish in July in MA-9 and many were unclipped. Everyone I have talked to about that (including a fisheries biologist at a nearby stream) agreed that many resident fish are unclipped, and that all of those fish were likely of hatchery origin.
  18. Hey Guys,

    Don't forget to vote!

  19. Haters gon hate, and boy are they ever.

    All the education and training in the world still doesn't make a decent person and it appears here a few people's mommys didn't do their jobs.

    Thanks to a select few here, including a moderator:( , that decided to jump to conclusions and go on attack mode on a fellow member that has posted more reports in the last year than most. Thanks for the douchebaggery that has now caused him to leave the forum, I'm sure no one will miss his reports or helpful information or fly patterns.

    Let this serve as a lesson to all to never post a report or picture here
  20. Looks like you enjoy fishing steelhead. Sure hope you're not fishing over any of the ESA listed stocks, especially here in the Puget Sound region during Jan-Feb. You know those fish are facing an uphill battle and playing with them on the end of your string isn't going to help. Escapement on the OP isn't always being met either.

    That fish in your avatar is being held pretty close to the rocks. I'm guessing it was alot easier to land after pulling it into the shallows for your hero shot.....?

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