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  1. ^and people are still unclear as to why many of us are sick of tribal BS^
    Good article, but it makes me EXTREMELY angry
  2. [quote="Salmo_g, One thing I think this should mean to all WFFers is that when we hear, "don't sweat the small stuff," it means don't worry none about a sport fisherman bonking an unmarked south sound coho when it is legal to do so. Even if it is wild, it's genetic roots are traceable to the Green River or Puyallup salmon hatcheries. There are so much better places to expend one's concerns about and efforts toward wild fish conservation.


    Salmo- Do you have any data on what the catch rate is today, or in the past several years, of those wild (but not native) fish? Also is there any difference in the harvest rate the native and non-native wild fish can handle and still survive? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hehe I love this quote from Jonathan in his other recent post as it pertains to this post.... " I release all fish that I catch with the exception of hatchery salmon, hatchery steelhead, rock fish and lingcod when it is legal to retain them and if I feel the fish in that area are not in short supply."
  4. what is this, a political campaign where operatives are searching for flip flops?

    i'm sure posts like this will make jonathan feel like posting fishing reports again :rolleyes:

    i feel sorry and apologize for my own contributions to these threads that not only have cunted up good fishing reports but also pushed jonathan into not posting great fishing stoke.
  5. I can tell you one thing if someone spends enough time on the water fishing lingcod and rockfish in an area that person knows a lot more about the population than WDFW. You should see what kind of gear and where they choose to fish for bottomfish when doing a test fishery. Lets just say sandy and and gravel flats with no structure usually don't hold many bottom fish especially in puget sound. Just saying.
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  6. Seeing as how your ass in San Rafael has probably never met the dude, you're in no place to say shit about whatever he does.

    But wait...maybe you can help me with something because I want to buy your used shit and go on a trip to Alaska with you!

    Maybe you should listen to your own words,
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  7. Jonathon, if your still keeping up on this thread. Ive never met ya, but I swear when I read your posts its like I'm reading my own shit. Your non stop pursuit of fish(any and every species), and the amount of time spent on the water seem to match fairly close with mine. In any case, If you ever make it over to the dry side. Gimme a shout!

    -(I would say tight lines right here, but I know that's already the case!)
  8. Underachiever,

    As you probably know, you can act however you want. But natural and logical consequences ensue, so some of us choose our actions based in part on the reactions we expect to elicit.

    BTW, I've found fly fishing to be both physical and psychological therapy.

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  9. Mike T,

    No, I don't have the data. I rely on the WDFW catch statistics from the website. The harvest rate on the wild fish in south sound is unknown because they are not even included as part of the SS coho population, last I heard. They are few in number, and not part of harvest management planning.

    Native and non-native wild fish can likely both tolerate the same harvest rates. The rate varies with each year class according to fresh water habitat conditions and marine survival. In Puget Sound that rate varies from zero up to around 50% I think.

  10. Ha I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved in the shit-slinging fest, but you are begging for some criticism when you post in an online forum that you release ALL wild salmon in Washington, presumably because of their threatened status in the state, and then shortly after post a report about killing a wild salmon....questionable at best. Nowadays, with the condition of wild salmon and steelhead in Washington, you are understandably going to get some heat for killing wild fish, regardless of whether the WDFW misguidedly says it is legal.

    And as cute as your reply was PfleugerPhister, I live in Seattle, work in a Seattle fly shop, am a committee member for the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and fish a damn lot for wild salmon and steelhead in this state....just happen to be from San Rafael originally.
  11. Again... I just start to get riled up again and somebody brings in humor! F***! How am I supposed to keep up my revolutionary fervor with that shit creeping in?
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  12. As salmo g said there are no native coho left in southern puget sound. Only clipped, unclipped, or offspring of hatchery fish. Some people take that into acount before they decide to harvest a fish.
  13. Although I've been a lurker here for awhile this is my first (and perhaps my only) post on this forum.

    I've known Jonathon since he was a young buck.

    His dad and I worked shoulder-to-shoulder in the sport-fishing industry for 42 years until I retired (Dad is still working there!).

    Even when Jon was wet behind the ears his old man admitted to me that the boy knew more about fishing and fishery conservation than the old man could have ever known.

    IMHO, Jon is an ardent and dedicated fisherman and well educated in fisheries preservation and conservation. Any bashing of his fishing ethics is misguided in my opinion.

    I researched this forum 'cuz in my retirement I'm getting back into fishing. When it was my vocation I kinda backed off because it was too much "a bus man's holiday!"

    Now I'm retired and living in Kitsap County as opposed to the south Sound area. I've been enjoying spin-casting for salmon and SRC all over my new area but am thinkin' about tossin' flies after about a 30-year hiatus. Hence my interest in this forum.

    But I'm seein' a lot off elitism and criticism in this thread. (example: "then you're well on your way to chucking buzz bombs.")

    I've enjoyed catching nice silvers off the beaches of Pt. No Pt. with Buzz Bombs. I've also been catching some really nice cutts in my area with spoons and spinners. To me, no one way of sport-fishing is intrinsically better than another, whether it's throwing hardware, bait or flies.

    And if one fisherman is catching fish legally, I personally would be hesitant to publicly accuse him of being ethically wrong. I might PM him to express my thoughts but that's just me, I guess.

    So, I'm seeing some good level-minded folks here on this site but I'm also seeing some really acrimonious self-righteous posts also.

    I suppose that's what a public forum is all about but I may choose to simply lurk, keep silent and glean what information I can about fishing without getting involved in the politics of the site.


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  14. No elitism should be inferred from my post. I've seen a lot of fish caught by buzz bombs and it's been years since I've seen one hooked in the mouth. I have however seen many come in with buzz bombs in the head and elsewhere that invariably end up being kicked up the beach. They're the preferred tool of the snagger. You'll note I did not criticize gear fishing as a whole.

    You say that, " To me, no one way of sport-fishing is intrinsically better than another...", the only argument you'll get from me is regarding the higher mortality rates of fish caught with gear as opposed to flies. But that's another discussion.

    Is it possible that in your zeal you're seeing what you want to see in that thread? I admit to being critical, but the only elitism I see is from the folks who constantly gripe about tribal fishers and then defend their right to harvest non-hatchery south sound coho.
  15. Granted, they may be the preferred tool of the snagger but it's not the tool that should be condemned, it's the one wielding it. Meaning that a snagger is a snagger, no matter if they're tossing a bunch of barbed trebles, a Buzz Bomb or trying to floss a fish with a big-hooked fly. I did not foul hook any fish this year with a Buzz Bomb and neither did my stepson (and we caught a fair number of fish).

    "Then you're well on your way to chucking buzz bombs" sounds pretty spin-cast negative but maybe you didn't intend it to come across that way. Maybe I'm being way too sensitive! :)

    I was mostly trying to defend JT who I know as a very conscientious angler.

    Oh shoot, I think I blew my pledge about only posting once!! :D
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  16. Catching and taking home a coho to feed your family is one thing. Tribal netting is another, it's just the tribes practicing their right and trying to make an easy buck (I disagree with it but it's how things are). If you're so worried about fish being harvested, inappropriate handle of fish, and fishing locations being put at jeopardy. You may as well sell all you're fishing gear and find yourself a new hobby.
  17. Dipnet,

    The way to improve the character of a web site is to add your own.

    BTW, welcome aboard!

    PS: BTW, I'm an arrogant elitist.

  18. Thanks for the welcome and maybe I'll continue to post here even tho' I'm just getting back into the fly fishin' game. Maybe I just had my panties in a twist over a couple of the posts. I'll get over it!

    "PS: BTW, I'm an arrogant elitist." :D:p:D

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