Now that's a brown trout......

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nathan B, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. I wonder why a fish that size would feed on mayflies. Guess it might have been snack time.
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  2. Holy crap. I love the lunge with the net at the end.
  3. That fish probably ate just about anything it wanted to. From mice to baby ducks. Small children and little people.
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  4. I remember that vid, it caused quite a stir. Was he casting to a spawning fish? Was it foul hooked? Was it caught many times before, and many times after. I can't answer those questions for sure, but I can say... that it certainly is a big brown.
  5. Caught in 2009 on the Little "T". Fished that area many times. He picked it off a redd. Notice the SPLASH at 18 sec. mark. Awesome fish though.
  6. I wonder if that was on the Truckee River? Wherever it was, that is a great catch and one that will be solidly lodged in his CPU for life.
  7. It's amazing a 30-inch brown would be located in such shallow water. Maybe there just one very large trout in the entire river :)
  8. Red raper. Guy is pretty infamous because of this video.
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  9. What a cool experince that must have been!
  10. Here we go again......only thing legit about this video is the fish. Regardless, gorgeous Brown!
  11. I'm in Nevada now back home visiting. I've been fishing the Truckee hard and have done pretty well. People don't know the monsters that lurk in the Truckee. My first day I lost what looked to be about a 6lb rainbow. Came unbuttoned at the net but I got to fight it awhile. Then yesterday I landed a 22in brown on a 14 Adams dry. Put up quite the fight on my 4wt CT. The Truckee supports healthy populations of fish and its a very challenging river. I'll post a good report in the trip section once I fly home. I'll be fishing pyramid lake on Tuesday.

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  12. That video made it onto some TV commercial
  13. Love how he stumbled through the redd twice before tackling pinning her to the rocks.
  14. Browns spawn in the winter time. That picture didn't look like it was winter there.

    Here where I live they close down the Beaverhead from December to May for the Brown trout to Spawn.
  15. I thought browns spawn in autumn...?
  16. Late October, Novemeber, December = Winter in most parts
  17. I thought about the spawning river angle but wherever they are fishing does not look like the Fall time of year... that's why I was surprised such a large brown was holding in such a shallow spot in a small river.

    Mostl likely, it was all PhotoShopped :D
  18. Leaves off all the streamside deciduous shrubs and the cottonwoods in the background; high cirrus clouds. Looks like a nice late fall or winter day to me. Perfect time for big browns to move up into skinny water to spawn.

    My take on the video is that he had spotted that fish previously and returned with a couple of friends to record the capture. Why else the oversized net and camera angles from both side of the stream. This wasn't just a "whoa, looky what I caught" video. Bussman's holiday, my a$$.

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  19. Richard, I took another look at the clip and at one point, yellowish leafs are shown on streamside vegetation so I guess the clip could have been shot in the Fall.

    And you are correct... I was wondering why the devil the guy was carrying around a salmon/steelhead net for such a small river when we know he catches a brown.

    Nice brown but certainly not a home video of a couple guys going fishing.

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