Now that's a brown trout......

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nathan B, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Man, there are parts of that video that I would like to belive are not "staged" but there are certainly elements to it that are suspicious.

    My first, "what the *#^$%^" came when I HEARD the split shot hit the 2ft of water! Not saying that's what happened, because I wasn't there, but we refer to that as "lining" or "flossing" over here. Happens on the Amercian River by both fly and gear anglers after salmon and steelhead. Heavy weight, long leader, big hook, sweep it across the nose of a sighted fish, especially when it's opening and closing it's mouth... whamo!
  2. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    Zen this morning on the Truckee I caught a 23 inch brown and a 26 inch rainbow. Both on an adams parachute size 12. The bow buried my rod into the river before leaping from the water pretending to be a steelhead. Could have fooled me. The Truckee river has huge fish and not just a few here and there but bows and browns over 10 lbs are caught regularly. I have no idea about the guy in the video or how legit his hook up was. He looks to be fishing the little Truckee. A section of wild trout water that flows from Stampede Resevoir into Boca Resevoir. That section of river is skinny water throughout but does hold big fish. Most likely the brown came out of Stampede or Boca to spawn and the guy shouldnt have been messing with it. (if it was spawning) I find it hard to believe that in very shallow water and sunny conditions the fish didnt see him. Especially one of that size who has been around the block. So odds are he snagged it. But who knows.
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    Hard to fathom a fish of that magnitude in such thin water.
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    I have hooked many large fish in soft water along shorelines in 8- 10" of water. It's happens mostly on spoons/spinners as they hit the bank or as it starts to swing into the river.
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    A wonderful fish, a thing of beauty.

    It is enough for me to fish knowing that creatures like that lurk so near us. Beware of wading where you should be fishing.....