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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Thomas Williams, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Thomas Williams

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    I've been doing some research and would like to give it a try tomoro. I know its a bit more of a hike than lenice but I don't mind as long as its doable. I have a frameless pontoon boat and would like to just inflate it and carry it up on my shoulders. Looking at Google maps out looks like there is a road that goes pretty much up to the lake. Is it blocked or something so that people cannot access it? Do I have to negotiate anything that risks puncturing my raft? What side is the best to access it from? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm driving 3 hours so I'd like to be prepared. Thanks guys.

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  2. You can't drive in. Park at the access south of the lake. You'll be fine carrying your boat in. It's no big deal, just a little stroll through the sand.
  3. Scott Salzer

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    There are two parking areas, one at the faw west end, with the outhouse and another a bit farther down the road. Like Matt said, all access on the south side. A word of warning, don't go up the road (which is private) to the only house on the lake, with the air strip, you are not welcome there.

    It isn't a bad walk and you just have to keep the boat out of the sage and away from the barbed wire laying about, and away from the Russian olives - they have thorns.

    You won't be alone and the parked cars will tip you off to the parking area.
  4. Thomas Williams

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    Thanks for the help guys. I see the parking area on google. Looks like ill be giving it a go. Gonna fish sun up till sun down. Leaches and c-mids. I didn't plan on going over to that airfield however tempting haha. That guys livin the dream over there huh. If I were him I would be flying my little plane to Montana and everywhere else non stop.

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  5. Scott Salzer

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    I just didn't want you to see that road to the house and take it as access. You will catch some fish. BTW - It may be a little plane but not stock....
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  6. Thomas Williams

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    I ended up fishing Lenice not really sure why I changed plans at the last second. Fishing was good. I caught 20+ fish. Almost every one tested my drag and went air born. They were fat little footballs. No Tigers which I was hoping to catch. I guess there arent many left in there. TONS of people on the lake. There was a complete ring around the lake of bobber watchers. I fish C-mids occasionally but do not dedicate my entire day to it. Most success for me came of a new wine and brown colored bloody leach I tied.. around 5pm an gnarly wind kicked up and sent most people packing. I was the last guy off the lake. With a 3 hour drive im getting my moneys worth.A great day in all. Left with a sore arm. Next time I will 100% fish Nunally. Rob I will get the photos up today for you. I have them.