Nunnally/Lenice Lake Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Greg Arcara, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. This Satuday I fished at both Nunnally and Lenice. Early in the morning my friend and I hit Nunnally and we were basically fighting the wind the entire time. When we gave up some of the waves were probably near 2 feet high (I say closer to 1, but my friend says 2). Needless to say we didn't have a lot of luck here and I only caught some unwelcome panfish.

    Then in the mid-afternoon we hit Lenice which had much lower winds. I was casting an Olive Willy to towards the shore. The water was fairly low looking and very clear here (never been to Lenice so maybe this is normal?). I managed two, one about 20" and the other 23". The 23" was my largest rainbow to date and made the trip worth while. My friend landed an 18" tiger (also on an olive willy).

  2. thanks for the update on Nunnally and Lenice


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