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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. OK i'm fricking bored here at work trying to find something to do so thought i would start another swap if any of you ladies are interested. 6 to 8 tiers and 2 patterns each. one catch, no hares ears or pheasant tails, i have plenty and am looking for some other patterns to tie. anyone interested in tying some nymphs other then the 2 mentioned? caddis, mayflys of any sort, stones, pupa, etc. april 15th due date

    yours truly - 20"er & hot wire caddis - done
    wayne jordan - punk rock caddis & pmd emerger - in hand
    passman - skwala flymph & thread midge pupa - in hand
    yuhina - small stone & czech nymph - in hand
    pram-man - copper john & - in hand
    mcp - out
    old man - woven blood worm & woven olive caddis - in hand
  2. Count me in Mike...

    Punk Rock Caddis and a PMD Soft Hackle
  3. cool. i will probably tie a 20 incher(stonefly) and a royal flush.
  4. Count me in
  5. Hey, I'll be tying a Skwala Flymph and a Thread Midge Pupa :thumb:
  6. Hey
    I've never done a swap, could someone explain how it work.
  7. I forgot to mention, i'm not sure how, but i am limiting this swap to 6 to 8 tiers and 2 patterns each. so everybody ties 2 different patterns. sorry that i somehow forgot to mention that.
  8. I'm in. Mike can pick what I tie. Be easy on me Mike.
  9. i'll give this swap till the end of the week to pick a couple more peeps and if we don't get them then the swap will be post poned due to lack of interest
  10. I am in, I will tie some Czach nymph (green rock worms) and little stone nymph.
  11. 1 more will be sufficient
  12. so what am i tyin mike
  13. it's your call, whatever 2 nymphs you want just not the 2 mentioned in the original post.
  14. Mike I just saw this, If you still need one more I'll jump in.....Copper John maybe and I'll come up with something else.
  15. pram-man your in and the swap is now closed. 2 patterns of 6 each. deadline is april 15th
  16. i would be in to this if you wanted to slide one more in.
  17. It depends on everyone else. it is closed unless they have no problems with it.
  18. Fine with me...
  19. I just saw this and I might be interested in this swap. I tied up some off yellow woven flies for Davy Earl. And he said that they worked very well in Caifornia as a dropper
    . So I could tie up a few of these if you all want some. By the way when is the due date. I don't know how to read. I see that it is April 15,tax day. Off yellow with a peacock herl head on a size??????? have to check if I have any hooks.


    Edit. I'm sorry, I didn't see that you closed it. If you don't need me how about I tie some up anyway. I haven't tied up any flies in a year and I have to have a reason to go down and get back in the mood.


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