Nymphers swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. mine are done. how's everybody else coming?
  2. Sent them off yesterday. Nine of each. You can keep the two that suck. Oh, and two bucks for return postage.

  3. jim i got your flies today, they look great. much bette rthen a lot of younger people do so you got nothing to complain about
  4. I'll try to get mine out tomorrow.
  5. 2 weeks left, any new updates?
  6. I'll finish up my snd pattern on Sunday... I've been working too much during the week and fishing too much on the weekends.
  7. I lost a couple on the creek on Tuesday, damn bush monkies, once I get the replacements tied I will send 'em in. Peace out yo.
  8. Wow you are truely dedicated! I love how you are R&D the flies you are tying. Can't wait to get everyones. Thanks!
  9. if you haven't sent your flies in yet then i will be at a different address for a few weeks so i will pm everyone.
  10. one week left and i still need 4 sets, how's the tying going?
  11. just got a pm. one of our tiers asked to drop out due to just having a baby and hands are full so no time to tie so everyone will be getting some of their flies back.
  12. i got flies from dick warnke aka pram man last night so just 2 more to go.
  13. Mine are going out on Thursday...
  14. I don't want any of mine back. Just give them away to a good home. I'm not much of a nymph person anyway. Just fish them every once in a while anyho.

  15. Keep all of the extras I sent you, and do me a favor and fish them! Don't let them sit in some box. I had to tie a PMD Soft Hackle because I couldn't find the materials needed to tie the pattern I wanted to. I'm sure they'll catch a fish or two though...;)
  16. pram-man i got your flies yesterday, just waiting on waynes and seanengmans
  17. received waynes flies yesterday so just waiting on seans and i will send them out
  18. sorry guys should be there tomorrow.
  19. to give an update, i have everyones flies except seanengmans but they are supposed to be in the mail so hopefuly i will have them today or tommorrow and will send them out as soon as i get them. sorry for the delay
  20. i now have all the flies so will try and get them out in the am. thnaks everyone

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