Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. rainbowgaytor or what ever his name is, is here to cause trouble. He has made about 5 posts on this forum and everyone of them has been negative and putting someone down for something.

    I am with William, again, and find your posts a breath of fresh air in a room full of male dominated, gas laden bullcrap of which I have contributed my fair share.

    13 pages. Awesome.
  2. iagree

    And right you are; at page 10 now and still counting.

  3. Evan. about that "Popcorn" of yours. What are you thinking? How can you call that popcorn? That's crap's been microwaved! Any good person knows that the only proper popped corn is brought to life in a well aged cast iron pot over a wood, and only hard wood, fire. Only real butter should be used. None of this poly unsaturated stuff ! And don't be skipping on the salt. Only salt scraped from the cliffs of Dover by English cliff scrapers and wrapped in parchment paper and carried to the states on a ship, air travel would be to "fast" and ruin it, should be used. Anything less could be considered suspect and reason to start another discussion.
  4. ok. I am a little confused. Please help me out...
    -If you use a thingabobber in the summer you are nymphing but in the winter you are a sinner or pinner.
    -If you match the hatch with feathers, lead, beads, flashaboo etc,ON the fly that is ok but if you match the hatch with just a bead you are raping the river.
    -If you swing the flyline but set the hook at the dangle you are a flosser.
    If you catch more than one steelhead in a season you must be a cheating,
    it is ok to swing a fly with tinsel on it but dont use a spoon!!!!!!!
    It is ok to use a egg fly in AK but not down here.
    I learned from the other post that boat owners are superior to bank fisherman.
    I think I have this all figured out!:thumb:
  5. QUOTE=Porter;492622]nothing wrong with it, why others might think so...I don't know:confused:, but don't let it bother you, I don't :beer2:[/QUOTE]

    iagreeiagreeiagreeiagree well put....
  6. That's the kind of elitest attitude that keeps people from staying active on this site! I'll go on about my business, even making jiffy pop if I see fit (stovetop even), and love it.
  7. 13 pages in in about 2 days (rounding the hours), I bet you could go for 20 easy.
  8. Thanks William and kerryS. :beer2:

    BTW is that your dog in your avatar pic? He looks like a big cuddly bear and I want to hug him.
  9. Why lock the thread down? I'm with Sageman that this thread is both entertaining and informative if one just skims past the complaining posts. Lots of good info for those who choose to look for it.

    And Be Jofus G gets the "best comeback" award for seeing the humor I intended.

    And Lisa, your newbie enthusiasm is more appreciated than not. Remember, don't sweat the small stuff, and it's mostly small stuff. Good luck as you grow as an angler.

  10. It's obvious to me what is going on here..............come on guys, not everyone can be romeo.

    I am one of the most positive guys you'll meet on the river, (although my posts may seem otherwise). I am not outright rude, only when the time is necessary. I was only stating my opinion on the experience I have in dealing with fly fisherman or women in general who are so close minded that "it's their way or no way".

    I am in no way single minded when it comes to fly fishing. I love to nymph, dry fly, swing leeches, etc.

    You see, i'm not going to get all butt hurt on this thread because i can dish it out and i can take it.

    I guess the moral of the story is..............the way I see it, no body should look down upon others for legally fishing and enjoying the creation that God has provided us. Whether I nymph or swing is irrelevent.

    What does matter is if i'm a good person, who is personable on the water, friendly with the fish, and respectful of others.

    If i came across contrary, then I appologize to whom i've offended. (LIsa) (Washington Hoity Toity Wannabees..........you know who you are)


    KerryS.....................................I'll let that one go.
  11. Jerry Springer could have done show about this!

    Can you see it..guys wack'n other guys with spey rods, others chuck'n split shot...Then Lisa comes out and everyone starts aguring that they were nice to her first. MAN WOULDN'T THAT BE A SHOW TO WATCH!

    I swear, you can't make this stuff up!

    There. Maybe that pist off enough people and killed this thing already.
  12. Gosh thanks for letting it go. :beathead:
  13. For added kick... some paprika and crushed red pepper is great on popcorn
  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. ...and thus began the sport of fencing :D
  16. awesome....13 pages of awesomeness!

    i just had to say something so i could get in on this.
  17. I can see it now....You and Lisa headed into the sunset on your Hardtail.:D
  18. Who really cares about swinging or nymphing?

    What really fries my Ass though is this. Graphite rods and reels with drags on them. I also get so tired of of seeing people in their Goretex boots. Why don't you stick with the traditions of fly fishing and use Gum Rubber?

    When I'm using my 12 foot Greenheart and my 1880's Nottingham Woodie I even get bugged about people using reels with metal (other than Brass) on them.

    You people should honor the traditions of Fly Fishing and not keep trying to subvert them.
  19. Sorry Evan, like a teenage girl I now have a new idol. I'm sure you understand.

    Gatorator, ;)
  20. Swinging swingers. So my question is. Do you use bullet head or bead heads or weighted flies or lead split shot or fast sinking lead core type lines or sinking lines to get down? So don't pick on the poor nymphers. Go swing your shit! :p

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