Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

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    I agree with you 150% I use a 10'2" rod I bought in the Northern England countryside 10 years ago that is likely 90 years old if it's a day... It's friggin HUGE and heavy but FUN!

    Unfortunately, the oldest reel I have is a 1925 Martin or some such that I pay no attention to as it's tiny compared to my $9 dollar walmart reel....
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    Wow! 14 pages and still going. Couldn't post yesterday . . . was busy forging a new popcorn pan & churning butter (had one helluva time milking that cow elk, however). But I did it to please me & no one else . . . kinda like fly fishing, huh?
  3. XstreamAngler

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    Is dragging beads in front of steelhead from my boat considered nymphing? Beads are not nymphs.....really.

  4. Olive bugger

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    And I thought I went fishing to have fun and cast a fly rod.
  5. TB

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    Wow...I'm doing better'n I thought apparently. I use Grandpa's old outfit that's probly older than I am.

  6. Salmo_g

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    When I nymph, I use patterns tied only with natural materials: silk, wool, feathers, fur; no synthetics. Might as well be a high falutin' nympher.

    Just keepin' the thread alive.

  7. Nate Dutton

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    Salmo, i could not agree more... I do nymph, I admit it. That being said I only use the same materials that are used in swinging flies. Hell i do nymph swinging flies... i call it my little swing. No Synthetic Materials, only Alpaca hair that i trimmed from the Dali Lama's Alpacas.
  8. Ed Call

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    Excellent point, I'm sure that this is not nymphing, but rather it is beading. There is a whole section dedicated to beading at places like Michael's Arts and Crafts and JoAnn's Fabrics. You might be brining the art of beading to a higher level.

    Sorry SAK, this one just made me chuckle. :beer2: Pushing for page fifteen?
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    Hell, I'm probably older than you are.
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    For those of you who are beading and not nymphing the place to get your beads is of course the worlds largest bead store. Shipwreck Beads is in Lacey, Wa. the opposite direction from cabelas new store. Be sure you have time to look if you go there. My bead flies work for the SRCs and Rezzies in the sound. Just don't hit the rocks too often with your back cast. My wifes a crafter and sewing nut, she finds me all kinds of good deals. Bob :thumb:
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    If that is "beading," then is it ever "fly" fishing unless you are using an lure imitating an insect from the order Diptera (which would exclude non-"true" flies such as mayflies and stoneflies)? Is it still nymphing if your "nymph" is really imitating a pupa or is that pupaing? I for one don't wan't to tell people that I pup for fish.
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    Real men hunt deer and elk with clubs and pheasants and ducks with rocks.
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    Now that's a purist! :thumb:
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    This thread exemplifys why this site is so f-ed up. Fishing is fishing, its what you do after you catch a steelhead that should be the real debate.
  16. TB

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    You got about a 40% chance of being right, which means to me, 60% of the fishermen on the water are watching where you fish, and how, and so should I. :)
  17. oldskool

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    Well, start a new thread about what that debate should be. I'm curious to know.

    It could not possibly turn out any worse than this one. :)
  18. slim

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    Wow gone for 2 days from this thread and it's STILLLL going. Doesn't anybody on this site fish?
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    Seriously, what should be the debate?

    Fish with adipose fin = back you go l'il buddy
    Fish w/o adipose fin = BBQ, struggling family, foodbank, or let it go if the law allows (not necessarily in that order)

    I'm not tring to be a smart***, just don't understand what could possibly be a debate here.
  20. PT

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    I will only respond directly to the thread title. Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it

    It's just too easy to fish with a bobbercator. That's a fact! Why are people against it? Because they view life thru a window the size of a bottle cap. My numbers would increase 5 to 1 if I only fished a glo bug and indicator but that's not my style. I try to swing every inch of swingable water I can....... But sometimes the water dictates a different approach. Then I'll bobbercate. I don't pass up good water just because it's not swingable. If you're looking to catch steelhead then you need to adapt to the piece of river in front of you. It's about getting down, slowing it down, and keeping it down.

    Seems like a pretty petty arguement because we're all just a bunch of fisherpeople.