Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. UH OH.

    I tied something onto the leader that I cast with my fly rod and fly line. I caught fish with it - and had fun.

    MY GOD... Is there a way to salvation? Where did I go soooooo wrong!?!?!?
  2. Bows and arrows? Well, that just ain't real huntin' to me. It's too easy.
  3. I'll go through a run with the swing, covering it really well. If I've had no luck, then I pull out the bedazzler and put some flash and weight on the fly.

    Very effective.
  4. It's funny that some posters are commenting on the debate or argument. I don't read many posts that seem debatable or argumentative. Mainly just people sharing their thoughts, opinions, and having some fun with the topic because some, somewhere, find it controversial.

  5. bullshit! A real man would hunt deer and elk with clubs and pheasants and ducks with rocks and do it left handed just to be more elite.
  6. And noodle for fish.
  7. Ya, but you can't find left handed clubs & rocks anymore.
  8. Last page? If nymphing is being a bad sport than why and the hell do all the fly shops sell indicators? I mean red ones, white ones, plastic ones, yarn, paste and those damn thingabobs or whatever they are called! Oh, not to mention the market on those little split shots. I mean you wouldn't need spilt shot if you were a true fly fisher would you?
  9. Joh Q,
    Because it is easy and familiar and gets more guys into the sport.

    The evolution into a fly angler is a wonderful process and the companies marketing their goods prey on as many of us as possible.
  10. 16 pages what's the record? "what to do with stealhead after you catch them" Hey, I eat mine.
  11. Yeah. "Even a Caveman can do it!"----- Oh damn, I hate that commercial... :D
  12. Hey Jon Q, that was brought up a few posts ago (previous page). I'm curious too! I was hoping Shapp would enlighten us.
  13. Did you see the new one by BK with the two cavemen?

    First caveman; "I give you rock and you give me fire"

    Second Caveman; "Okey"- takes the rock and gives the fire to the other one. Then he hits him on the head with the rock and takes the fire back.
  14. Those who pound their swords into plow shares will plow for those who do not. :eek:

  15. best one so far :D
  16. Did you read that off some fortune cookie?

    Let's stay focused here. I really want to know what the debate is after you catch a steelie.
  17. Here's a thought. Nymph in water that's appropriate to nymphing, and swing the runs where it's mean't to be done.

    Yeah, I'll agree nymphing a sweet run loaded with aggressive fish is akin to making a reservation at a fancy steakhouse, then ordering the chicken strips for dinner. While that's fine if it's your choice, camping on a run is a different story. More like breaking wind in said restaurant, ruining everyone else's dining experience.

    From reading these forums a person might get the impression steelhead only hold in smooth flowing, wide, obstruction free water, of relatively uniform depth. As shocking as it might be to some, steelhead can be caught in pocket water, narrow slots, boulder gardens, around submerged timber, and other obscure spots where swinging ain't gonna happen. Might not be "traditional" water, but some of us feel that one of the beautiful things about fly-fishing is it's versatility. There's also a technical challenge to presenting a fly to a fish holding in water with complex currents shearing and swirling in multiple planes and directions. Indicator or not, you still need accurate casting, mending, and line control skills if you hope to hook a steelie in "junk" water.

    And another thought before nymphers get maligned any more. Native fish, typically being much more aggressive, are more likely to hit a swung fly than a hatchery fish. Which fish should we be targeting? You might curse the nympher that picks off the hatchery fish you swung over, but if he bonked it, he did the native fish in that river a favor.

    Just say'n.
  18. I can swing with success 90% of the water deemed nymphing water by my fishing buddies. There is rarely a piece of water I cant cover thoroughly with a swung fly given it has reasonable depth. To many swingers stick to classic bars and miss some great opportunities. I nymph for winters and occasionally for summers when I spot fish that wouldn't come to a swung fly, but nymphing exclusively for summers is like never taking the training wheels off your bike. It all comes down to numbers. Nymphing up 5 summers in a day is no impressive feet, swing five up and I'll be impressed.

    Here's the rub. If you feel you need the approval of the whole fly fishing community to continue fishing a method that you enjoy, then you need a different fuckin hobby.
  19. Well, I'd be impressed to see a fish swung up in the water I've got in mind, - but maybe what I consider swinging water needs redefining. I'll admit, 30+ years at it and I'm still suprised on a regular basis. Certainly haven't done worth a shit stocking the freezer so far this year, so WTF do I know. Hopefully I'll do better on winters (local crick, - you're welcome to join me.)

    As for the "approval" thing, that was kinda my point, - let the river, and fish, determine your approach, not the opinions of others. Especially don't like to see people dissuaded from a method that preferentially kills more hatchery fish. If it's "easy" then yippee.
  20. Sounds like a NRA slogan...................

    I think 20 is possible.

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