Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Lisa, I can't find the posts right now, so I'm not 100% sure, but I think I remember you posting a few times about going out and enjoying some pink fishing this year. I see nothing wrong with that, in fact fishing for pinks mighta been the most fun I had this year, however I feel like during the pink season I heard a lot of negative comments made about pink fishing that parallel the nymph discussion, the biggest of which comes down to quality vs quantity. I dont really feel the need to defend my fishing for pinks, I had a blast doing that, just as I enjoy fishin for steelhead with nymphs at times, regardless of whether other people look down upon my actions.
    So, what would you say if someone told you they preferred quality (steelhead or coho) over quantity (pinks), and that if you were gonna focus on pinks you might as well just go stand on the pier at Dash Point with an uglystick and some 50 lb test?

    -I realize the comparison is not perfect, but thought it was worth bringing up anyway.
  2. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    I think that anyone that smokes salmon quantity is better than quality, pinks that is, I would rate Steelies first, Silvers second, Kings third. Dogs forth and the lowly Pink the last of the pack but then like me I love smoked fish. OK I kept it going
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    I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard that whitefish is pretty good smoked. I think I'll try it this year, when it opens in December.
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    Whats more wrong?
    Nymphing with a bobber or swinging with a 6 inch long scented bubblegum worm for Steelhead?
    I cant decide although I am sure either are better than snagging.

  5. LisaMfly "Swing Flies, Be Happy."- Write 2 Fly-Fish

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    Yeah I guess when I said quality vs. quantity I was referring to steelhead. But then again getting 1 in a day is great for some, but with pinks, I fished for them for days and days while everyone around me was catching them, and I didn't get one. So when I had that 20+ day with Yellowlab, we were lucky. We both know it was an epic day. Fly-fishing is a beautiful sport, no matter what you're fishing for. I said "go back to gear" , because if you are looking for the easier way to catch fish, it seems that that is the way to go. It was a simple statement of opinion, but I guess for some it's taken a bit more personally.

    I appreciate your argument though- especially since it was brought up in a respectful manner. :)
  6. LisaMfly "Swing Flies, Be Happy."- Write 2 Fly-Fish

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    I can agree with your point here. As I said before, I'm new to this sport, so I have much to learn. I threw out my opinion, before I realized there were definitely times I was irritated out on the river. Swinging flies for 2 full days and no fish...frustrating, but then again I've only been fly-fishing since July.

    And I have ADD too Evan....Big gulps huh? Welp see you later!
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    haha... i use that quote daily
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    What is your choice? ........ :D
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    Are we there yet?
  10. Mark Ritari Trouthunter

    Have you spent much time nymphing for steelhead? How many steelhead have you caught nymphing. The thing that gets to me about this perpetual debate is swingers who have never even touched a nymph rod claiming that it is easy. People new to nymphing for steelhead are likely to be just as frustrated as they would be swinging.

    Lisa, I think you should form your own opinions rather than stick to what you have been taught by those getting you into the sport.

    The way i see it, if you are nymphing or swinging, as long as your following stream etiquette and move through runs that people are trying to swing or nymph through, then its all good.
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    Well said Mark. Thats exactly how I feel. :thumb:
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    Bet you sniffed it too, - naughty boy.

    19 and counting...
  13. PT Physhicist

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    Nymphing and catching fish on the nymph really is just easier. It's easier to get down, easier to stay down, and easier to just feed a bobbercator right down the slot. Anybody who says things different hasn't swung much. Add a couple split shot, remove a shot, adjust depth of your offering, and then just lob and mend. Mending a floating line is a whole lot easier than trying to manipulate a subsurface line/tip/fly to keep it in the stones where the fish are more likely to take your offering.

    Anybody who feels differently is just wrong.......;)
  14. LisaMfly "Swing Flies, Be Happy."- Write 2 Fly-Fish

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    ...and this is where I walk away. :) Have fun!
  15. PT Physhicist

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    If you need to proclaim your departure... Don't let the door hit you........

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    Some folks are against nymphing because some folks are dicks. Some folks are against swinging because some folks are dicks. I guess were all just a bunch of dicks who like to fish with equipment that is hard to cast.
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    Nice PT,

    I'll bet you you could tie a killer wooly bugger from Sib's fro!
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    Steelhead are stupid either way. Anyone who says different either knows more than me (quite likely), doesn't know more than me (also likely) or they're just wrong.

    Shouldn't we be debating this about an intelligent fish like the carp instead?

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    Gees man, it took you until page 19 to chime in on this discussion?! Where have you been my friend?
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    Remove the split shot from your leader, and your equipment won't be so hard to cast. Just tryin' to help this thread make 20.