Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Add more splitshot, shorten you floating line length, and do it the great lakes way. Salmo don't know what he's talking about.
  2. jroni, when does the sequel come out?
  3. From what I understand nymphing steelhead on the east side is so easy that you have to learn how not to land fish so you can keep fishing. It's so easy even a caveman can do it. Just doesn't seem sporting to me if you have to learn how not to catch 'em.

    20 yet?

  4. PT, when I fished the GL's streams (used to all the time when i was married to my exwife) very few used splitshot. Most used slinkies on thier lines. Really brought that sucker down. Drift fishing with a flyrod. :) Only the rookies used splitshot back there. But that was on the Ohio streams and some of the MI streams I was fishing though. So maybe I missed a few when I was there. :rofl::rofl::rofl::beer1:
  5. That's how I was taught to do it back there too. It sucked so much I moved here.


    Go Sox,
  6. Yeah CS, it was an eye opener first time I steelhead fished back there. Was circa 93'. Guy looked at my setup and said "You're doing it all wrong". Well, after 3 hours of about nothing, I listened to this guy who was raking in fish with his flyrod. I didn't say a word when I saw that combo. I just modified to a different sinktip (back when I carried multiple spools) and cut the crap outta a few of my flies to mimic what he had on over my bigger OP flies. But he had a box of JUST different sized slinkies. The more I fished there, the more guys I saw fish this way (and lots of guys nymphing too).
  7. Ya it really sucks. Not to metion that your arm gets sore alot too! :rofl:
  8. Sorry, I tried to symplify if for those out of the loop. A 2/3/4 shot slinky is more appropriate. Just tried to keep it simple for those who only fish via the web.

    Page 20?
  9. I didn't know Boston was a real band............................:eek:
  10. thank you folks for the entertaining read...since I was stuck at home sick all day, I needed a good laugh.

    so it's at 20 now, what are the odds the it'll hit 30?

  11. Not sure if they're a real band or not but this gal could sing to me all night. Mercy, could we just get to 20 and have it disappear?

  12. I'm am gonna try and put two fingers in.

    Ratari; swing more you pussy
  13. Been busy with work and the boy. Didn't even bother trying to read all the posts, just wanted to keep the thing going.

    The swingers versus nymph debate is really kind or rediculous to actually have, but it sure makes for great entertainment. I think we all know that ultimately how one targets/takes (or doesn't take) any fish within the law (regardless of ones own ethical preference) is up to the targeter/taker. As a teacher if I don't understand this and I attempt to just teach the way that I learn best I'm likely to miss out on positively impacting the instruction of more than half of my class.

    I'm a visual person, I learn more by watching than by doing. Others are auditory learners and learn by listening. While others are kinestetic and they learn by feeling. And then there are most people who learn best by combining these things. The concept of learning can also be applied to what we enjoy. As a visual learner, I LOVE watching bobbers more than I like the feel of a heavy strike at the end of swing. I know that that is just me and I don't expect others to sit out on a lake/river/watever and as some have put it "watch the paint dry", but for me it's how I enjoy the sport the most.

    Swingers should thank god their are nymphers and nymphers should thank god there are swingers. Imagine if we all liked the same NFL football team. Who the hell would they play?


    Hope you're catching fish Sageman.
  14. Right now steelhead time is too valuable. But come next fall, with a month on the ronde/lower clearwater, im going to step out of my bubble.

    And it's Ritari, Dick.
  15. Holy cow!!! I don't post here much, but here's my second post on one thread.

    Yesterday, once again, I tied something onto the end of my fly line, and I cast it with a fly rod, and I caught fish, and I had fun. It was legal, it didn't disrupt anyones else's approach to the run, and it was challenging yet satisfying.

    Hey, can someone direct me to the Washington Flyfishing In The Way That Everyone Agrees With Board? At least give me an indicator...

    Oops. Maybe not.
  16. deal wit it
  17. Good catch on the indicator and the fish yesterday.

    I think everyone would approve of catching a rainbow on the Yakima near Ellensburg using a Adams or Stimulator, with a 5wt and 6x tippet.
  18. And the rivers aren't even blown yet!
  19. Sean, that is dirty dirty. How do they work? [pondering giving one a try, and I don't care what you think about it or who you are] I'll swing, nymph and anything else possible, I suck at them all so who really cares what anyone else does if you are comfortable with what you are doing?

    Daryle, although I miss the Bavarian avatar it further depresses me that I could read your signature line from across the room.

    Twenty? I prayed for the padlock long ago. My karma must be bad. Can someone go onto a wild Turrets Syndrome rage, droping lots of F Bombs so this thread gets locked down.
  20. I'll put the beer girls back up but I spent about two hours capturing the dragon

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