Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. The dragon is awesome too...

    Makes me think that all swingers of wet steelhead flies and all dirty nymphers have it all wrong that if you are not skating dries for steelhead then you are doing it all wrong.
  2. I think anyone that uses an indicator should all go to the spey page on this site and start talking shit about swingers. That is something you don't see but you sure see them coming over to a nymph question or post and wasting 20 pages.
  3. Sean, those Jigs are sick nice job. Make sure to use a 5.5 FD raven float;)
  4. Great call!!
  5. I have spent quite some time thinking about the topic and if all agree that nymphing for Steelhead is wrong and swinging for Steelhead is so right. I think a happy meduim is if I can find myself a nice little Nympho (prefrably Swedish) that was more than willing to Swing for Steelhead I simply can not go wrong.

  6. If I caught a helgramite, and put it on a bare #8 dry fly hook, threw it out and let it swing wit the current, would I be swinging, nymphing, or bait fishing?
  7. Obviously bait fishing............you bait fisher you.:rofl:

    I think the answer to that is "who gives a sh*t"

    Or we could start bashing on bait fisherman............the choice is yours. :ray1:

    Just kidding of course, please don't send me a message stating how upset you are with my conduct on this site.:beathead:

    This thread is still alive.............amazing, after all the sensitivity bawling:
  8. What!!! :eek: Only one responce, on a thread that's been putting on a page or two a day??!! don't tell me I stumped everyone but one here! :rolleyes: Sheesh, only a few posts and allready I killed a thread. bawling:

  9. The book that dictates how you can legally fish is called the Washington Sport Fishing Rules. It covers when and where you can do this, that, the other and something else. It also tells you when you can't, or have to restrict your fishing to certain hours, techniques or gear. It is all the same stuff, all sport fishing. Some drive trucks, vans, sportscars, motorcycles and whateverthehellelse you use. We all get a drivers license, some with speical permissions to use one vehicle type or certain lanes, but in general it is still just driving. YAWN.
  10. I think a better comparison is in the fishing world nymphing for Steelhead is equal to in the dating world targeting fat chicks. Nothing illegal about it. If you think they all just "generally drive the same" more power to you. Me I can certainly feel a huge difference in either arena.

  11. There are a lot of guys on here that like to target fat chicks... :D

  12. Moped's - Fun to ride, but don't let your friends catch you on one!
  13. im sober when nymphing though...does this make it worse?
  14. I thought about this more and I would further postulate that "if" fewer guys pursued fat chicks that there were be fewer fat chicks by default as if it became somewhat necessary to be slim for a chick to get pursued that there would be therefore quickly more slim chicks for all to enjoy.
    The same must apply for Steelhead such that if there were fewer guys willing to nymph for Steelhead there would be fewer sore mouthed fish ready to rise on a swing for us all to enjoy!
    Just Say No to fatties and Steelhead nymphing.

  15. Wow, seems we have this thread/debate every quarter. my take on this is simple. when asked why i nymph? I do it to catch more fish! some people choose to handicap themselves to reduce their chances, i say go for it.
    When speaking of traditional methods making one a better flyfisherman than others, with regard to character i mean, i assume that these purists, of the sport use only browns, blacks etc. natural colors right? they of course don't use colors like pink, purple or red right? because if they do, they are throwing lures by definition, so careful what ya say about your fellow angler if your flyshack is made of glass my friends.

    "I would much rather follow a Swinger thru a run than a Nympher", i can tell ya that!
  16. OK, twenty plus pages and this debate has finally taken a new and interesting tangent (not to mention politcally incorrect.)

    Where to begin....

    It really all depends on what you consider "fat." Up until the late 60's, the "ideal" female form was considerably more "curvy" than it is today. In that sense I consider myself a "traditionalist" in appreciating the likes of say, Rachael Welch in her heyday (help me out here old guys.) Heck, even Marilyn Monroe would be considered a porker by today's standards. That said, there is "curvy," there is "ewww," and there is "Damn, I went to Wal-Mart and now I need to gouge my eye's out" (insert fat-guy hipocrasy/chauvinism alert here.)

    Now, I have a theory that may give you cause to rethink your postulation linking swinging with a preference for "slim" women. Let's start by asking ourselves who started the whole "slim" revolution back in the 60's and into the 70's? Well, just like today it was the super models. "Twiggy" was probably the original, but there have been a host of others since, such as Cheryl Tiegs, and of course Kate Moss (yuck.) While beautiful women in their own right, it can be argued they are not representative of a normal or even healthy female figure. More important, let's think about who determines who becomes models and supermodels..... Hmm, that would be the fashion designers SILLY!!!!

    So if this theory is true, the current "ideal" slim female form in this nation was determined by a small group of men with mostly "non-traditional" sexual orientation ("not that that's a bad thing", - to quote Seinfeld)

    Keep waving that skinny chick flag!!!

    :hmmm: :eek: ;)
  17. No fat Chicks.

    No Ma'am

    Go Sox,

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