Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Ah, but that would take sacrifices! If everybody targeted the slim chicks {swing taking steel} then there would be a great amount of extinction. Of all of those competing for the slim chicks {swing taking steel} only a small percentage will be successful. They will procreate {have a good time} and continue to enjoy their slim chicks {swing taking steel}. The remainder that tried to pursue the slim chicks {swing taking steel} were ultimately unsuccessful, and their genetic material {swinging rods} will be removed from the gene pool {rivers} as they die out {give up the sport} due to being unsuccessful in their pursuit.

    In the meantime, if *anybody* breaks the pattern and goes for the fish that prefer nymphs {non slim chicks} then the lack of competition will make them uber-successful. Thus, they will procreate {catch fish} more often. The traits that made them successfully procreate {catch steel} are them much more likely be passed on to their offspring {friends who also want to catch steel}. As the slim chasers {swingers} die off {leave the rivers in disgust}, they will be recognized as a minority and their traits will be deemed undesirable. Thus, the desire for slim chicks {swinging for steel} will, over time, fall out of fashion and potentially die out for lack of a sustainable reproducing population {anglers to pass on the tradition}.

    Our friend Nash may have been loony as a Canadian dollar, but he was on to something.
  2. Some curves are great...rolls not so much.
  3. But they question is how many of you have been with a bigger gal? More to love so to say. The rumors......are true! Try it out, ya might like it.
  4. Where the hell did this one go? Will it ever go away?
  5. Dude, you started it with the whole nympho librarian comment last week!:rofl:
  6. You can not blame this thread on me. Many have danced here besides me and I have regularly asked for its demise.
  7. Nympho librarian?! Damn, now I gotta go back and read this whole stinking thread. Hmm, wonder if the liquor store is closed yet...

    (sorry Mumbles, I thought it would be dead by now too.)
  8. Than by definition there must be a lot of guys on this forum who have never been with any type of chick. [​IMG]
  9. What was this thread about again?
  10. So, essentially what you are saying is that here in Washington State the vast majority of guys are "Nympers"? You are talking about the area were the term "Bremaro" coined, that same rapper even commercalised and and started a trend for worshiping fat chicks with the song "Big Butts".

    Hmm...interesting theory. By your reasoning, if we wish to improve the quality of female figures here in Washington, we need to swing more and nymph less?

    So Richard Simons is the mascot for swinging flies, the leader of the revolution?
  11. Personally I like nymphos. Knew a couple back when and they had a way to swing up just about any party.
  12. "You get more respect for catching steelhead the way it should be done :)"
    Is this supposed to be a joke? To me flyfishing isnt a spectator sport. It is solitary, and the only one that counts is yourself.
  13. Out of curiousity, what would you rather have, a 34 inch fish taking a swung fly or dry?
  14. Even if you have just fly fished a couple of days I dont understand why anyone else has to be involved? You go out, enjoy the river and nature (hopefully), hopefully enjoy fly casting (and maybe even catching fish), why brag?
  15. If someone wants to buy a $800 hardy SPEY ROD, a $500 Hardy reel, and use a hook with a earth worm on it with a dropper with a hook with a salmon egg (and bait fishing is legal on the water) why should it matter to anyone? If the person has fun and enjoys themself, what is it to others?
  16. I'd probably give him more crap for buying a Hardy spey rod :rofl:
  17. Excuse my ignorance, but isnt a slinky splitshot encased in some kind of material (like a bag of split shot, but not round). Big with gear people, and advantageous over regular split shot because it didnt get stuck on the bottom as much.
  18. I find gear fisherman worse. I could care less what one is using, it just seems more likely that if I am fishing a hole, and someone walks up (actually wades up), tosses their line right over mine, and snags me, it will be a gearhead.
  19. Dry fly.... Getting that smash on the swing is a lot of fun, but nothing stops the heart like watching one come up to the surface to grab it. Also, when they come up to grab it they are already on the move, so you usually have your hands full the minute you get the hook in them. Even with a swung fly, you sometimes just put it in front of their face and they just grab it and sit there for a minute before deciding they're hooked. Your line just kind of stops. The only time that happens with a dry fly is in shallow water where they just have to stick their nose up to grab it. They usually turn on a skated fly pretty good.
  20. You should try fishing with sleds around:cool:................................they don't just snag your line but will jerk your pole right out of your hands..............................:eek:

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